KSI Was Not Robbed

Yesterday KSI fought Tommy Fury 

Now in our pre-fight breakdown, we talked about how Fury had more experience, more size, and better technique 

While his opponent has more power and has been on a raging streak of knockdowns against lesser opponents 

And after reading that you're probably thinking

So this was just a budget Fury vs. Wilder 

Just kidding, but regardless, to no one's surprise 

Tommy Fury came out victorious and KSI was not happy with the decision

In fact, straight after the fight, he threw a massive tantrum while showing absolutely zero class and zero respect towards Tommy Fury and his accomplishment

We also noticed that many online ignorantly believed that KSI was robbed and Teddy Atlas said it best when he tweeted that…

The truth is the only people who were ROBBED were the fans!!!

So for those who were deceived into thinking KSI won the fight, 

We are going to break down exactly how he lost

How he tricked you into believing he lost

And more dirty tricks he used to give himself a leg up in that fight

Let's get into it….

Commentators Tricked You

Before we talk about the fight itself I need to make one thing clear to you

KSI owns misfits boxing which means…

He was essentially paying the wages of the people who commentated on the fight 

What is the point I'm trying to make?

Well if someone gave you thousands of dollars for a single night of commentary and the person who paid you also happens to be fighting that night then…

Wouldn't you be a little bit biased considering that he has just offered you a boatload of money? 

Well regardless of what you answered it was clear that the commentators themselves were rooting for KSI

And the problem is that if you don't know a lot about boxing or you aren't really paying attention to the fight, 

Then you’re probably going to blindly trust everything the commentator is saying even though in this case they were completely one-sided

Dirty Clinch Work

Okay so now we are onto the fight.

The first problem with KSI was that he was grabbing Tommy Fury and trying to fight in the clinch while they were romantically holding each other's hands

And that simply isn't boxing, you may have landed more shots but the quality of the shots is also extremely important in professional boxing

So just giving him a bit of pepper in the clinch doesn’t show anything to the judges

For those who think “Oh he landed a bunch of right hands”

Rewatch the fight, he landed about 3 clean shots and the rest were just sloppy Hail Marys that had as much accuracy as a toddler with a crossbow.

The other problem with his clinching is that KSI was turning his head and then sooking about being punched in the back of the head by Tommy

At the beginning of the fight he was told “Don't take your eye off your opponent”, 

So by turning his head away in the clinch while leaving that side of his body open, he is giving Tommy no other option than to punch the back of the head

While Tommy is just trying to change levels and manipulate his guard in the clinch

Which in my opinion is extremely dirty.

KSI Didn't Land

Going back to the “KSI landed more right hands” argument

I actually went and rewatched the whole fight so that I could confidently say

He didn't actually land that many punches. Don't get me wrong, he did actually land a few beautiful right hands on Tommy’s jaw

But Tommy would land 3 just as amazing hooks for every right hand that KSI would land

Plus most of those right hands were either super sloppy or just nicked Tommy

While Tommy on the other hand was landing much more punches, holding his guard better, and was much less reactive when KSI actually did land

So before you make the claim that KSI was robbed and bet Fury please do 2 things for me…

First, learn about how professional boxing matches are actually scored because it isn't all about the amount of punches you land

And second, go back and rewatch the fight without the commentators talking in the background

I guarantee that if you do those 2 things then you too will see exactly why Tommy Fury won that fight.

KSI embarrassed himself

After the fight, KSI was actually interviewed and questioned on whether or not he believed that he won that fight

Instead of thanking Tommy for putting on a show and respecting him for getting in the ring

KSI decided to show no respect and throw a tantrum about how he thought he won that fight

He even went as far as to insult Tommy and curse him out as Tommy was exiting the ring

This was an embarrassment to influencer boxing

I don't care what the results are and how you FEEL about those results, you always show respect to your opponent 

And you never, NEVER insult them after the fight

It is classless, disrespectful, and overall childish 

So regardless of whether you think KSI or Tommy Fury won that fight, you CANNOT condone KSI’s actions after the fight


In conclusion, the verdict in the KSI vs. Tommy Fury bout was anything but a robbery. 

It's clear that KSI's defeat was a fair outcome, and any notion of him being wrong is not only unfounded but also disregards the fundamentals of professional boxing. 

What exacerbates the situation is KSI's post-fight behaviour, which was not only disrespectful but also a disgrace to the sport. 

Instead of showing respect to his opponent, Tommy Fury, for a valiant fight, KSI opted for a petulant tantrum and a barrage of insults, underlining a severe lack of sportsmanship. 

This behavior not only taints the image of influencer boxing but underscores a dire need for maturity and humility, regardless of the fight's result.



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