In the high-energy world of influencer boxing, we're about to witness the biggest and most thrilling showdown this sport has ever seen. 

Two of the top influencer fighters, KSI and Tommy Fury are gearing up for a fierce battle. 

Both claim that this fight won't go the distance, but this fight is sure to leave the viewers more than satisfied, 

And if that wasn't enough it is also right after the headline clash between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis

Thankfully though this fight has been kept much more respectful than its co-main event

So there are no insults towards each other's family members

No lawsuits

And no talking smack on Twitter

Just 2 guys trying to capture the influencer boxing legacy that they both feel like they deserve (and get a fight with Jake Paul)

KSI: Bold and Confident

KSI’s main goal is to cement his name in the influencer boxing ring as the best and the one thing that has previously stopped him was…

Jake Paul and Jakes's list of superior opponents, however, Jake Paul recently had his first LOST against Tommy Fury

And since the Jake Paul fight against KSI doesnt seem to be happening in the near future, 

This is KSI’s way of indirectly beating Jake Paul and proving that he is the best influencer boxer  

KSI's greatest strength is his self-belief, and he's not shy about it. He's known for ruthlessly charging forward and knocking out his opponents, 

But the only problem with these knockouts is that they have been against some absolute tomato cans.

In this fight, KSI is still determined to get up close and personal, which he will have to do as the smaller guy against Fury 

So the question still remains can Fury deal with KSI’s immense pressure or will KSI's determination overcome Fury’s great size advantage?

Tommy Fury: A Legacy to Uphold

On the other side, we have Tommy Fury, who is almost acting like the grim reaper of YouTuber boxing. 

In an interview, he claimed that he is making it his mission to end youtuber boxing by showing the world what a real boxer looks like, 

Which makes sense when you look at who he is and more importantly who he is related to

He's the younger brother of heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury.

This means that even though having his brother is a great advantage and he has much more experience, he also has to deal with the pressure that comes from the potential of losing to a YouTuber.

Tommy has made it clear that he's going to work harder than ever to win and show his skills

But the question still remains, “How is he going to deal with KSI’s immense power?”

During press events, Tommy has taken a quieter approach, believing that "talking doesn't win fights." 

However, some believe that this is actually due to the mental attack that is going on in his own mind and his own dad John Fury actually stated in an interview…

“He feels so much pressure from the world and what they say”

So is the pressure going to get to him, is the power going to get to him or is his size, experience, and camp going to give him the upper hand and lead to him actually knocking KSI out

Scroll down to see our personal prediction but for now…

We know Tommy Fury's main aim is to knock out KSI. 

With a size advantage, he’s going to focus on keeping his distance and using his longer reach to control the fight and frustrate KSI.

The Unpredictable Showdown

So, who will come out on top? 

The outcome of the upcoming fight is still up in the air. 

Many boxing experts, including Joe Rogan, are putting their money on Tommy Fury. 

At Boxrope, we tend to agree, considering Tommy's experience and size.

But the real excitement here is the unknown. 

We haven't seen everything KSI can do yet, and his determination and fighting spirit can't be underestimated. 

He might surprise everyone with his underdog spirit, grit, and hidden talents.

For now, our prediction is that Tommy Fury will win within the first five rounds, making the most of his size and reach. 

However, in the unpredictable world of influencer boxing, one punch can change everything. 

This fight, like influencer boxing itself, is a captivating and unpredictable spectacle.



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