We Believe in Three Guiding Principles

Bring Value To The Boxing Community

Focus On Customers

Deliver Aesthetic And Functional Products


At BoxRope we have one goal: To revolutionize the way boxers train. Our passion for boxing led us to create a best-in-class jump rope designed exclusively for the boxing community.

As boxers, we know the difference equipment makes. Top-end equipment helps training become more efficient, more beneficial, and more fun. We strive to create the absolute best products to help as many Boxers as possible overcome the odds and achieve their full potential.

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About the Founder

Lorenz Wueest grew up in Switzerland. As the son of engineers, he was a natural tinkerer. But while he had a talent for design, he never had a passion that allowed him to use it – until he started boxing.

After his second week of training, he decided to buy his own jump rope to use at home. But when searched online, he couldn’t find anything that suited his needs. The rope he bought was fine, but it felt too light and always got tangled up. He knew there had to be a better way.

In the summer of 2021, Lorenz decided to put his engineering skills to use and design the perfect boxing rope. He brainstormed ideas about how the ideal boxing jump rope would feel and function.


The result of his hard work is the BoxRope Vol. 1.