How to Wrap a BoxRope | Grip Tape

First of all why do you need a grip band at all? 

  • more control
  • more agility
  • more grip 



Pretty stupid that they make you have to wrap the handles yourself. Might as well build the entire jump rope yourself too. Why can’t the handles come already wrapped!? Would have loved to use this right out of the package but I instead have to spend time to watch a tutorial and wrap the handles myself hoping I don’t mess up as they only give you just enough wrap for each handle. Disappointing.

Preston June 16, 2024

Hi ! I just received today my boxrope first impression It is awesome for training and also very good quality overall very happy that I have made this purchase Thank you .

Ilija March 04, 2024

Box rope helpme loose weight also taught me how to jump rope a try it for months &a seen how much weight a loss in the months a use it for decreased my highblood pressure

Jorge reyes February 21, 2024

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