UFC 294 Fight Predictions

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For those of you who watch and follow the UFC, 

You are probably aware of the recent drama regarding the UFC 294 main events and how 2 fighters, both being a part of the co-main event pulled out last minute

Leaving the UFC 11 days to either sign a new fighter or cancel the card completely

But then a miracle happened when 2 even greater fighters offered to step in 

And make this card, EVEN MORE, entertaining than the originally booked main events

So if you're as excited as I am to watch the legendary Volkanovski try to take Islams titles and get his revenge on only 11 days' notice

Plus watch Kamaru Usman make his comeback return against Khamzat Chimaev 

Who has made it his mission to “Kill EVERYBODY” in his famous and tik tok viral post-fight interview

Then keep reading as we explain why the fights were canceled and our predictions for how the 2 new main events are going down, 

Considering that both Volkanovski and Kamaru Usman only had 10 days to prepare for it.

Why did Charle Olivera Pull Out

Dana White revealed in an interview that Charles Olivare was sparring and getting ready for the fight 

Before accidentally getting his eye slit open less than 2 weeks before the fight 

And only a day before he was meant to board a plane for Abu Dhabi 

Islam then came out and stated that he was not surprised Olivera pulled out and even claimed that “he doesn't want this fight”

However, anyone who has actually seen a photo of the cut should seriously doubt this statement as this was not something that you do to yourself on purpose

Why did Paulo Costa Pull Out

This reason is a bit more strange than the Olivera pull-out reason but basically…

Paulo Costa was forced to pull out due to a staph infection in his right elbow.

This is the same elbow that caused him to pull out in his last fight against Ikram Aliskerov in UFC 291 

Now this isn't some weak excuse from Paulo, in order to get out of fighting the Dagestanians 

In both cases, surgery was and is necessary to make sure that the infections do not spread

So although it is a shame that we will not get to see him fight, we wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him soon in a UFC PPV Event

Predictions For Kamaru Usman Vs Khamzat Chimaev 

So who will win?

Is Kamaru Usman in way over his head?

After all, he is coming off of 2 losses to Leon Edwards, moving up a weight class, and fighting on 10 days short notice

So with all this in mind can he defeat the undefeated Khamzat “The Wolf” Chamaev 

Or are his best days behind him?

Honestly going off of what we have seen recently, we believe that the winner of the fight will be…

Khamzat Chmaev 

But we could very easily be wrong and let me explain why…

Firstly this is based on Kamaru’s performance against Edwards which shows that he is getting older and isn't the Kamaru Usman we once knew and loved

However, one bad fight doesn't define a fighter and we don't know exactly how he is going to deal with the weight 

So if he comes out as the Kamaru who fought Masvidal, Burns and Strickland 

Then Khamzat Chimaev is going to be in for a rough night that could potentially lead to his first loss in the UFC,

For now, it is too early to say and all we can do is excitingly wait and discuss our predictions of the fight with what information we do have

In saying that, please feel free to comment at the bottom of this post with your predictions on this fight 

And let us know whether you agree with everything we are saying or if you think we are just talking rubbish

Predictions For Volkanovski Islam Mackachev

Now for the main event 

Who do we think will win in the fight that everybody wanted but no one thought to be possible

Well on paper Islam is the clear winner of this fight especially considering…

He is Bigger

He is fighting in a Muslim city that will most likely support him

And he has already beaten Volkanovski once


I believe that Volkanovski has a funny way of pulling off miracles 

So even though this fight is on short notice and Volkanovski is just recovering from a hand surgery

If  I had to place a bet on this fight then I’m putting all my money on Volk.

In saying that, please feel free to comment at the bottom of this post with your predictions on this fight 

And let us know whether you agree with everything we are saying or if you think we are just talking rubbish

P.S. This paragraph specifically may be a bit biased and in case you couldn’t tell, I am a Volkanovski fan.


In conclusion, the recent twists and turns leading up to UFC 294 have injected an electrifying energy into the MMA world. 

The abrupt cancellations of the co-main events initially cast doubt on the card, 

But the unexpected heroics of Volkanovski and Khamzat Chimaev have transformed this event into a spectacle worth the anticipation. 

The reasons behind Charles Oliveira and Paulo Costa's withdrawals were undeniably genuine, given the nature of their injuries, and we wish them speedy recoveries. 

As we look ahead to the main events, particularly the Kamaru Usman vs. Khamzat Chimaev showdown, it's a contest filled with intriguing uncertainties. 

While the scales may slightly tip towards Chimaev in our prediction, Usman's experience and resilience make it a contest that's impossible to predict with absolute certainty. 

Similarly, in the main event, Islam Makhachev appears to have the upper hand on paper, but as a devoted Volkanovski fan, 

The belief in his knack for miracles is unwavering, even in the face of short notice and post-surgery scenarios.

With the excitement building, we encourage you to share your predictions and engage in discussions about these fights. 

Regardless of where your loyalties lie or what outcomes you foresee, one thing is guaranteed 

UFC 294 is set to deliver an unforgettable night of action, suspense, and, hopefully, a triumphant performance by our beloved Alexander Volkanovski.



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