How Often Should Boxers Jump Rope?

As with all exercises, jumping rope is best done on an alternating schedule to avoid the potential damage that daily repetition can do to the body. 

Just like with any workout that involves jumping or running, jumping rope every day at the intensity required for it to be a good workout can quickly cause cumulative damage to the body that can put a boxer out of commission for a while. 

In one of our previous articles, we went through the importance of avoiding injuries when jumping rope, especially as a boxer. To better help the boxing community, we wrote a continuation of this article on how often boxers should be jumping rope in their training regime.

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In our opinion, both serve as great conditioning tools for boxing. While both running and jumping rope are forms of exercise somewhat far removed from boxing movements, the adaptations from skipping are more beneficial to boxing than those seen from running.

While we don’t recommend you ignore your roadwork, jumping rope can be performed to match the footwork used in the ring - developing the reactive and explosive qualities needed to be a successful boxer. We go through the full benefits of jumping rope for boxers in this blog post.


There are two ways that jumping rope is usually used: As a warmup or as a cardio session. 

When used as a warmup, boxers usually do between five to twenty minutes of continuous light jumping. During a jump rope warm up, a boxer may also incorporate various kinds of jumps to keep themselves on their toes. For a full list of jump rope drills for boxing, read this article.

When used during a cardio session, a lot of boxers usually split jump rope sessions into two or three reps that total about thirty minutes of jumping, with two minutes of rest between each rep. This is usually more intense and strenuous than the five to twenty-minute warmup would be. Some boxers who have built up significant endurance may even jump continuously for the full thirty minutes! 

Beginners at this kind of exercise should keep this workout at five to ten minutes while they get used to the movements required. This will help them to learn the proper technique at a slower pace while also building up the endurance needed for longer sessions. This also helps decrease the risk of injury.


While boxers will jump rope very often, they won’t jump rope every single day. 

There is no need to jump rope every day as there are other training modalities you need to fit into your training week and at some point, you need to give your body time to rest and recover.

We recommend incorporating jump rope training into your workouts 3x a week, starting out with just once or twice if you’re a beginner. Work your way into jumping rope slowly, with 5-10 minutes a few times a week, so you don’t injure yourself as you build up stamina and practice technique. 

Pretty soon you’ll be floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee.


As mentioned, boxers who are new to the exercise should jump rope once or twice each week while they get used to the rhythm of the workout and build up endurance while more experienced jumpers can jump rope longer and more often. 

While jumping rope is a low-impact activity, there is still an impact from bouncing on and off the ground. So for the overall health of your feet and legs, we recommend not jumping rope every day.

Incorporating jump rope into your training program 3x a week is plenty of time to squeeze the full benefits of jumping rope for boxers - all while keeping the body rested and ready for the next session. 


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