Gift Guide: Gifts For Boxers

Do you have a loved one who is obsessed with boxing?

Have you been struggling to find the perfect gift for them?

If so, then look no further! We’ve got you covered. 

Sometimes the problem isn’t finding the gift, it’s finding the right one. This can be hard enough with any person, but finding the right boxing gift ideas can be even harder! Whether you want ideas for a boxer, a fan or enthusiast, or even a coach, these gifts will bring them joy this holiday season.

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The team here at BoxRope has been boxing for many years, with a strong passion for the sport, we know a thing or two when it comes to a boxer's wishlist. In this article, we pick out the top 5 boxing gift ideas so you can find a gift that will be truly loved and cherished, or simply put a smile on their face.

Read on to find out the perfect boxing gifts that you can give to your boxing lovers.


Every boxer has that one pair of gloves on his wishlist.

For boxers, choosing a good pair of gloves could be the difference between an injury-prone boxing career versus a long successful one. There is also an unlimited range of styles and colors to choose from. From the classic Everlast Pro gloves to the modern sleek looking Hayabusa T3 gloves.

We encourage you to do what you can to find out your loved ones favorite pair of gloves they do not own yet and add it to your list of gifts, we can guarantee it will put a huge smile on their face.


All great boxers need timing, coordination, agility, and endurance.

Choosing the right jump rope for boxing helps build these skills.

If you’re looking for the best jump rope for boxing as a gift, you want a jump rope that is:

  • Light enough for speed work and heavy enough for endurance
  • Easily adjustable in length to fit different body sizes
  • Tight handle grips for a satisfying and natural feel
  • Long durability and built to last

The BoxRope Vol 1. is the most optimized jump rope for boxing.

To take your gift game to the next level, click here to get the best jump rope for boxing. 


Whether it’s tickets to a big promotion fight or a local amateur fight, your boxing-obsessed loved one would more than likely love receiving tickets to see some fighters in the ring live and in action.

As a boxer, there is something magical about watching fights live. We get to visualize what it’s like to be in the spotlight, study the moves of other fights and enjoy boxing for what it is, the sweet science.

Bonus tip: If you know who you’re loved one's favorite fighter is, buy him/her tickets to their next fight. Share the experience with them, it will be a gift they will never forget.


Training equipment is something we all love having, no matter what sport.

The heavy bag, also known as a punching bag, is a tremendous piece of training equipment. 

This tried and tested boxing tool has shaped many champions in the ring.

If you know a boxer that has the space in their home, a free-standing heavy bag is a great gift for boxers of all expert levels. This way, if your loved one doesn’t have time to travel to the gym, he/she can get a great workout from the comfort of their own home.


One of the most underrated aspects of learning boxing or any martial art is the mental approach. 

The technical aspects of applying a jab or hook are of limited value without the right attitude.

With that in mind, here are a few books on what it takes mentally to be a great boxer.

  • Undisputed Truth by Mike Tyson
  • The Soul Of A Butterfly by Muhammad Ali
  • Gloves Off by Tyson Fury
  • Atlas: From The Streets To The Ring by Teddy Atlas

Studying the minds of great boxers and coaches helps us gain a perspective of what it takes to be a champion not only in the ring, but in all areas of our lives.

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