Top 5 Best Jump Rope Drills For Boxers

Are you a boxer?

Want to improve your fighting endurance, punching power, balance, and footwork?

If so, then pick up a rope and get jumping!

Boxers and professional fighters consider jumping rope an absolute "must" as part of their overall training because it helps them with their conditioning, footwork, and strength. 

There are many benefits of jumping rope for boxers, such as:

  • Better footwork
  • Better endurance
  • Increased punching power
  • Improved breath control

  • To help the boxing community, we wrote this article on how jumping rope can help you become a better boxer and the five best jump rope drills for boxers that you can perform right away.

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    As we've discussed in previous blog posts, boxing is one of the most physically demanding sports. 

    To compete in boxing you need to be in peak physical condition, your footwork and lower body strength are what power your ability to deliver and avoid your opponent’s punches.

    Jumping rope is a major key to helping you stay in peak physical condition.


    Ready to get started?

    Like any other skill set, it's important to realize that getting better at jumping rope is a process.

    You want to work your way up slowly over time.

    Maybe you can only do three to five jumps without getting tangled up, that's fine.

    Work your way up from there. Aim to do 10, then work your way up to 20, and then 30, and so on. 

    Your first big milestone should be going three full minutes.

    Simulating one round of boxing -- without tripping up. 

    Even if you do trip up once or twice during those three minutes, that's fine too. 

    The most important thing about these jump rope drills is the conditioning of simulating moving around for a full round in the ring, as opposed to successfully skipping rope for three straight minutes. 

    Once you get a baseline comfort with jumping rope, here are five drills you can add to your routine:

    1. BOXER STEPS (3x 3 Minute Rounds)

    Once you're comfortable with the ability to jump rope at a steady pace, now it's time to start integrating some boxing-centric footwork. Specifically, we're going to integrate the boxer step into your jump rope routine.

    The boxer step jump rope routine for boxers involves keeping your feet some inches apart. You then shift the weight back and forth between the balls of each foot, almost like you're trying to run in place while keeping your weight exclusively on the balls of your feet.

    This might seem a little awkward at first but if you are consistent and determined with incorporating this into your routine, you will develop a real rhythm that will help you in the ring.

    1. SIDE SWIPE SINGLE UNDERS (3x 3 Minute Rounds)

    Another famous jump rope drill that you can add to your routine is the side swipe single under.

    Start this drill by swinging the rope in the middle and under your feet. You then follow it up by doing a side swipe on the left side and then the right side before coming back to the middle again.

    This takes a bit of practice because this move is more about building your rhythm than your speed.

    1. HIGH-KNEE JUMPS (3x 1 Minute Rounds)

    The high-knee jumps is a boxing jump rope routine that helps to intensify your jump rope workouts.

    Adding this to your routine will help you to strengthen the leg muscles you need in the ring.

    As you might guess, this exercise is effectively running in place while jumping rope. 

    With this drill, you want to ensure you focus on getting your knees up as high as you can while doing so. However, don't start off by trying to sprint in place while jumping rope. First, you either want to start off by jumping rope normally or maybe with the boxers step you learned earlier. 

    From there, start jogging in place, ensuring that you're getting one foot fully off the ground, followed by the other. Once you've got that motion going, start lifting your legs up higher and higher, faster and faster, until you've got full-on "high knees" going with your jump rope.

    1. SIDE-TO-SIDE DRILLS (3x 3 Minute Rounds)

    The side-to-side boxing jump rope drill requires you to start with your two feet basic jump position.

    As you perform this jump using your two legs, you will begin to jump from one side to another.

    Your jumping should maintain the same pace and rhythm for this exercise, only changing where your feet land after each jump. The easiest way to visualize and perform this exercise is to imagine that there is a straight line running in between your feet (when you're standing in place). 

    This is a great footwork drill for boxers, as you want to keep jumping back and forth over that imaginary line, ensuring both your feet land on one side of the line, then the other, and so on.

    1. FRONT-TO-BACK DRILLS (3x 3 Minute Rounds)

    This is another great jump rope drill for boxers that's similar to the side-to-side drill we mentioned above. You must begin this drill with the ‘two feet’ basic jump position. As the name implies, instead of jumping up and down in one place, your jumps should go slightly forward and backward. 

    Your jumping should maintain the same pace and rhythm, except the landing spot should alternate slightly in front of where you're standing, and then slightly behind where you're standing.

    Start with short jumps before you progress to longer jumps.


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