How Fighting Actually Boosts Confidence - Here's the Truth!

In case you haven't noticed

There has recently been an influx of popular YouTubers and content creators telling young men that they MUST learn how to fight.

You probably also noticed that every single one of these YouTubers is telling you it’s because…

You need to learn to defend yourself, 


It will build your confidence.

Which isn’t wrong, 

But if you actually pay attention, you know that they don’t truly understand HOW fighting is related to confidence,

Because not a single one of them has a semi-decent explanation.

Explaining the self-defense part is easy but understanding the confidence aspect of fighting is much more instinctual and much more crucial…

To help you become a better fighter and a better person.

Life is a fight 

The biggest example of how they under-explain the importance of fighting is by not explaining the idea that life is like a fight.

Now this statement has become a bit cliche and I know everyone likes to use statements like…

Just keep on swinging,


When life knocks you down.

But the fact that they are cliche means instinctually we all know that life is like a fight.

I’ve even heard people who are against fighting use these truthful statements.

But if life is like a fight and you will have to fight for every opportunity in life…

Then, why not learn how to fight?

This is how you can know that they themselves don’t truly fight, 

Because anyone who does fight knows that you don’t just learn how to throw your hands effectively…

You learn strategies about…

  • Attacking
  • Defending
  • Staying on top when winning
  • Making a comeback when losing
  • Being aggressive
  • Reading your opponent
  • Finding opportunities 

And so many more situations that can be applied to real-life scenarios.

Built through tribulation

Another common misconception is the idea that joining a boxing gym will magically and instantly build your confidence.

If you read one of my previous blog posts HERE

Then you will know that fighting has to destroy you before it builds you back up.

In fact, you have to experience the absolute pits of shame,

Usually by taking the beating of a lifetime and feeling like a punching bag for as long as the coach wants you to suffer.

But after you have experienced the depths of shame from countless beatings,

And you start to improve to the point where you are now the guy who delivers those beatings…

Then you will know the highest PEAK of self-confidence.

Because it wasn't built by you talking to yourself in front of a mirror,

Or working up the courage just to have a measly conversation with someone…

This confidence was built through genuine hard work and genuine suffering.

Confidence In Discipline 

Unfortunately, this confidence as the better fighter will never last because there is always a bigger fish.

Someone with a better trainer, more fights, or been training for longer.

But thankfully that won’t matter because on your climb to the top, you will build another form of confidence,

Confidence in discipline…

Because when you start as the guy who is worse at boxing and then becomes the guy who poses a genuine threat…

You build that confidence in your work ethic, 

Another form of confidence that can only be built through sheer hard work.

Giving you trust in the process and the idea that if you simply push yourself as hard as humanly possible every single day…

Then you can not possibly lose.

Removes Excuses

Not only does it give you trust in the process, 

It also helps you stay pure along the way.

As I said earlier…

Life is a fight,

So if you can stay calm in the middle of a fight…

While your shoulders are burning, you’re tired, gasping for air and your opponent is whaling on you as you’re trapped in the corner of the ring,

Then the next time you hear some bad news or have to sit down and take a test…

You’re going to realize that you are in no danger and it is NOTHING compared to that one time you were forced to get your ass kicked.

Then after learning to endure the pain, the next step to build confidence…

Is learning to fight back

If you can learn to fight back during that ass-kicking,

Even if you know your opponent has quicker reflexes, you know he has more skill and you know that fighting back is going to hurt you more…

If you can stand there anyway and give it your all, 

Then you will obtain the ABSOLUTE PUREST form of confidence you can get.

It is the authentic confidence of knowing that even if you have no hope…

You will NOT quit.


In conclusion, learning to fight isn't just about throwing punches; 

It's the key to unlocking a profound, unshakable confidence that permeates every aspect of your life. 

These YouTube “gurus” may prattle on about self-defense and generic confidence, 

But they miss the true art of fighting and how it teaches you skills…

Skills that help you discover rock-solid confidence, forged from genuine hard work, sweat, and an unwavering commitment to improving yourself. 

So, if you're still caught up in daily mirror affirmations…


Because learning to fight is the only true process that results in genuine, unyielding confidence.

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