Your “Free” Workout Guide Will Make You Lose Your Next Bout

The truth is that there is no FREE workout guide that will perfectly suit you, your needs, and your availability.

Because unless you're willing to pay someone…

No one is taking the time to understand your situation, so they can craft the ideal workout guide that 100% suits you…

For absolutely nothing in return.

Due to this, the internet has been filled with these 1 size fits all workout guides, 

With a bunch of average workouts that will put you in line with the rest of the boxing crowd.

Instead of giving you the leg up in this competitive lifestyle that you so desperately crave.

So how are you supposed to get the perfect workout routine that is tailored to your situation… 

Without spending the money that is supposed to go towards your new boxing shoes.

How to get your routine

It all goes back to that “give a man a fish” saying

Because just like all the other boxing brand owners, I do not know you on a personal level

So I too can't give you an optimized workout that is tailored for every single one of my supporters. But…

I can teach you to fish, 

Or in this case, I can show you exactly how you can analyze your situation and use that analysis to craft your own tailored boxing w orkout… 

So you can optimize your results. 

Plus you can continue getting these results as your boxing skills improve and your training requirements change

Too Lazy To Do Your Own Analysis

This isn't as simple or as fun but like anything else in boxing this requires effort and thought to work out well if you do not like working hard then boxing isn't for you

Although this is the best way to craft your own routine without paying someone, 

Although this will help you understand exactly where you are in your boxing career,

And although this will help reveal the steps to get to the next stage in your boxing career…

I know that there will be some people who won’t be bothered to take the steps that I am about to reveal.

They would rather just trade their email in for a quick and easy guide because it’s less work,

But unfortunately, less work in boxing never pays off…

Because although this routine is extremely effective, it’s only worth it for those who dream…

Of one day stepping out of that ring with gold strapped around their waist as the crowd roars their family’s name.

So if you are one of the few who share this dream and are willing to put in the effort it takes to get your goal-driven workout routine,  then all you have to do…

Is keep reading.

Step 1 - When

The first step is the easiest.

All you need to do is figure out exactly when you are able to train. You need to figure out…

How many times a day?

What time on each day?

When your rest day/s are?

How long you are willing to train for each session?

Now this is completely up to you however if you have high hopes in boxing then it should be noted that 2-3 times a day is the standard at the top level.

This can obviously be done but the only warnings I would give you are…

Firstly don’t try and jump into this routine too quickly, especially if you are still a beginner. 

Instead, find the end point of how many times you want to train and gradually increase the volume over 1-2 months

Just to allow your body to keep up with the sudden increase in volume and also to avoid serious injury that will leave you unable to box.

The second warning is to not forget about recovery. This again is centered around injury prevention because if you are going to train super hard then that's great but…

You need to let your muscles recover so you can train at 100% intensity without risking a career-ending injury.

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Step 2 Why

Now that you have dedicated a certain amount of time to each training…

The next step is to figure out exactly what you want to get out of your training sessions, for example, you could write…

  • Faster reflexes
  • Better sparring
  • Sharper technique
  • Stronger punches
  • Put on muscle
  • Lose fat
  • Increase endurance
  • Increase cardio at a high intensity
  • Recovery
  • Lower body strength 
  • Upper body strength

And the list can go on for a lot longer but…

You need to write down all of the things you want to achieve. Don’t be shy either with this list, if you think you sort of want to improve it then write it down anyway, 

This is just to get an idea of all the areas that you can improve in training to make sure you don’t miss anything when you actually start planning your workout.

Step 3 Why Part 2

Now that you have a giant list of all the improvements you can make to your boxing game…

It’s time to put them into groups of areas that can all be improved in the same session.

You want to group them up according to the part of the body it works and the type of training it is

Types of training mainly include boxing, weights, and cardio. For example, you could have…

Group 1 Lower Body 

  • Lower body endurance
  • Lower body strength
  • Lower body explosiveness

Group 2 Boxing 

  • Faster reflexes
  • Better sparring
  • Sharper technique
  • Stronger punches

The amount of groups you have should be dependent on how many sessions you have dedicated to your training.

But overall you want to train each group at least once and the more important groups 2-3 times each week.

Step 4 How

Now you have the specific groups and you know what you want to work in each group…

It’s time to start listing off the exercises that can achieve as many of these goals as possible. 

If you aren’t sure then you can go on the internet and search it up or another great way is to ask Ai, 

Especially because you can then ask follow-up questions to give you a better understanding. 

I wouldn't recommend only using AI because it is a pretty generic tool but it can be useful for some simple questions. 

You know what's better than Ai though and honestly the best way to get tailored information…

By asking your coach, 

Your coach is the BEST person to ask for these types of planning, plus if you show up with this planning then not only will he be happy to help…

He will also gain respect for you because he can see that you are genuinely trying to improve your boxing abilities.

So write out as many exercises as you can(even the bad ones) for each group and then once you feel like you have all the drills any fighter would ever need…

Then you can move on to the next step.

Step 5 How Part 2

Now you have an abundance of exercises and you know exactly what your goals are for improving your boxing…

It’s time to actually design your workouts. 

Start by choosing the best exercises for each group and filtering out the worst so you can slowly sculpt your ideal workouts.

Keep in mind that you aren't choosing the funnest or easiest workouts

Your filtering for the most effective. 

Once you have a shortened list then you want to actually format it like a workout,


Well generally you need to break the workout up into 4 sections and add as many exercises as you can in the allocated time frame

Those 4 sections are…

  • Warm Up
  • Low-medium intensity middle 
  • High-intensity end 
  • Cool down

Now here are some principles to help you get an idea of how to plan each section…

Warm Up

  • Needs to break a sweat
  • Should be at least 10-15 minutes of work
  • Should be used to mentally prepare yourself for training
  • a great time to practice technique if shadowboxing

Low-Medium Intensity Middle 

  • Bulk of the workout
  • Should be sweating and breathing heavily but still able to talk
  • Make sure to give yourself adequate rest
  • Don’t be lazy with rest times though
  • This is the learning and building part of the workout

High-intensity end

  • You should dread this part
  • If you don’t then it might be too easy
  • Should leave you breathing heavily and unable to talk
  • Should be at the end of the workout 
  • Should be 3-5 minutes of work at high intensity
  • Rest is crucial here in between sets

Cool Down

  • Should be extremely easy
  • Should be at least 10-15 minutes of work
  • Allows the body to wind down while still moving
  • Crucial as it will help with recovery
  • great time to reflect on your workout


In conclusion, chasing after that elusive "perfect" and free workout guide tailored precisely to your needs and goals is like searching for a needle in a haystack. 

The reality is, the internet is flooded with generic, one-size-fits-all routines that might make you blend in with the crowd, 

But won't give you the edge you crave in the competitive world of boxing. 

Instead of hoping for a quick fix, it's time to turn inward and understand your unique situation. It's about crafting your own workout, designed specifically for you. 

This involves a commitment to self-analysis, figuring out when and why you want to train, grouping your objectives efficiently, selecting exercises that resonate with you, and structuring workouts that fit into your life.

Sure, it takes effort, but this personalized approach ensures that your training regimen aligns with your evolving boxing skills and career aspirations, putting you on the path to success in the ring. 

So, if you're one of the few dreamers willing to put in the effort for that goal-driven workout routine, all you have to do is read this and then start taking those crucial steps toward your boxing aspirations.

Good Luck!

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