ChatGPT Predicts Winner of Canelo vs. Charlo

We’ve researched all the vital and speculated questions for the upcoming

Canelo Vs Charlo, But…

We also understand that if we answer it…

There are always going to be biases and human error which is why we have found the perfect way to eliminate these factors

And give you the fairest and most unbiased breakdown for an upcoming super fight

By finding and noting down the 5 most asked questions about this fight

Then getting the recently famous…


To answer them for you

P.S If you’re someone who likes bias and wants to know what we personally think about the Canelo vs. Charlo fight 

Then simply scroll down to see our personal predictions for what has the potential to be…

One of the BIGGEST FIGHTS in 2023

What Are The Questions ChatGPT Will Be Answering

5. Strengths And Weaknesses Of Each

4. Size Matters, But How Much?

3. Experience Matters, But How Much?

2. Will Charlo's Past Hand Injury Hurt His Chances In This Fight?

1. Does Charlo Actually Stand A Chance Against Canelo?

Just A Heads Up

The questions we pose to ChatGPT won't be identical to these questions word for word.

Instead, we ask a longer and more detailed question…

So that we are able to provide you with a more detailed answer

So What Are ChatGPT’s Answers?

First Question: 

Second Question: 

Third Question:

Fourth Question: 

Fifth Question: 

What Are Boxrope's Answers To These Same Questions?

1. Strengths And Weaknesses Of Each

Both fighters have strong and powerful punches, they are both low-volume, high-power fighters

However, Charlo has a massive reach advantage and an especially powerful left hook. 

Charlo’s main weakness is that he has a tendency to get hit a lot and take damage, he does have a good chin and this may have worked in his lower division 

But he must consider that he is going against a fighter that is just shy of 40 professional knockouts in his career, so…

Getting hit is definitely not in his best interests

Canelo on the other hand, has the advantage of experience meaning that he has fought a lot of taller and longer fighters in his time

Also, the fight is in his own weight division meaning that he will be more comfortable fighting at this size 

And he will have a better understanding of how much energy he will need to conserve throughout the fight

Canelo’s main weakness other than size(which will be answered in the next questions is…

His age is controversial but many believe that Canelo is beginning to slow down and he isn't as sharp as he used to be

I can’t confirm whether this is true and given that he destroyed his last opponent, I do doubt this but what I can say is that…

This fight will be the deciding factor in answering the question “Is Canelo Slowing down?”

2. Size Matters, But How Much?

Size won’t matter in this fight for 3 main reasons

  1. Canelo used to fight at 147 pounds (67kg) meaning he isn't the biggest super middleweight
  2. Even though Canelo fights at the heavier weight, Charlo is the bigger man
  3. Canelo has had way more experience and has fought/beaten guys way bigger than Charlo

3. Experience Matters, But How Much?

This is way more important and will have a much bigger impact for 2 main reasons...

1. When you move up a weight class your body changes, you use more energy for the same movements, and most of the time you tend to slow down. 

So the fact that Canelo has already fought at this weight means he is going to be more comfortable at this weight and better able to control the fight…

To maintain his optimal performance in the later rounds

2. Canelo has fought the bigger guys with the harder punches and proven his chin to be worthy of this weight division. 

He is going to not only be more used to fighting at 168 but he is going to be more used to fighting a 168 opponent

4. Will Charlo's Past Hand Injury Hurt His Chances In This Fight?

This is a 50/50 chance and here’s why…

On the one hand, (pun not intended) surgery these days with modern technology is pretty good

And do a great job at repairing injuries so that they can be as close to 100% healed as possible, meaning that realistically if his hand was going to break again he wouldn't be fighting

On the other hand, he injured his hand sparring with 16oz on, we don’t know all the details of the injury but it’s a different game when you're wearing 10oz gloves 

And all it takes is for 1 punch to land awkwardly and it's game over for Charlo but obviously, we hope it doesn't happen and instead, we get a good, fair, and honest fight between the 2 of them.

5. Does Charlo Actually Stand A Chance Against Canelo?

No, now obviously he could win, and there is always a puncher's chance, but to make it as clear as possible.

If I had to put money on the fight then that money would go towards one of the greatest boxers of our generation 

Even though I respect Charlo and believe that he is undoubtedly a legend to the sport of boxing

It is clear that he is simply outmatched against Canelo

And even ChatGPT agrees with that prediction



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