Jermell Charlo Style Breakdown

Can Jermell Charlo beat Canelo Alvarez? As the date, September 30th draws near for their highly anticipated matchup, fans are buzzing with excitement and speculation.

In this guide, we'll not only explore whether Charlo has what it takes to overcome the legendary Canelo but also delve into the intricacies of Charlo's fighting style.

By the time you finish reading, you'll have a deeper understanding of Charlo's techniques and a clearer view of the odds in this epic showdown.

So, let's dive in and dissect the possibilities as we countdown to the big day!

The Standard Guard

Charlo's standard guard is the cornerstone of his defense. It involves keeping both gloves close to his face and body, creating a tight shield.

His elbows are tucked in, protecting his ribs, and his chin is tucked behind his lead shoulder.

This stance minimizes the target area for opponents, making it difficult for punches to land cleanly.

To start incorporating this into your own style, practice maintaining this guard position at all times to build a solid defensive foundation.

Footwork and Movement

Charlo's footwork is characterized by lateral movement, specifically moving to the left when opponents come forward.

This lateral movement involves taking short, controlled steps to the side.

It allows Charlo to pivot away from his opponent's attacks while keeping them within his striking range.

To begin using this footwork in your own style, focus on mastering this technique to become an elusive target and control the distance in the ring effectively.

Punching Style

Charlo's punching style revolves around low-volume, hard punches.

Rather than throwing a flurry of punches, he selects his shots carefully.

His straights and hooks are crisp, and he generates power from his legs and hips, transferring it through his shoulders and into his fists.

To start mastering this punching style, concentrate on developing your punching power, ensuring that each strike you throw has the potential to cause damage.

Signature Moves

One of Charlo's signature moves is his left hook, both to the head and body.

He sets this punch up by putting himself on the ropes.

When opponents come forward and attack, Charlo tightens his guard and positions himself on the ropes, luring them in.

Once their guard is tight, he unleashes a devastating left hook to exploit their vulnerability.

To incorporate this move into your own style, practice this maneuver to add a powerful weapon to your offensive arsenal.

Defensive Tactics

Charlo's defensive tactics are strategic and methodical.

When he puts himself on the ropes, it's not a position of weakness but rather a calculated move.

By understanding when to use the ropes, you can manipulate your opponents into making mistakes and create openings for counters.

This requires careful observation and timing.

Establishing the Jab

The jab is a fundamental weapon in Charlo's arsenal.

His jab is fast and accurate, allowing him to measure distance and control the tempo of the fight.

To begin incorporating this into your own style, practice snapping your jab quickly and precisely.

It's not just a tool for offense but also a crucial aspect of maintaining distance and control in the ring.

Counterpunching Skills

Charlo's counterpunching skills are honed through rigorous training.

He slips punches with impeccable timing, allowing him to respond with a left hook counter or other strikes.

To start improving your counterpunching, focus on developing your defensive movements and counters, practicing until these responses become second nature.

Maintaining Ring Control

Ring control is a valuable skill for any fighter.

Charlo's ability to stay on the outside of the ring allows him to dictate the fight's pace.

To begin mastering this skill, learn how to use the ring's space to your advantage, using footwork and positioning to control where the action takes place.

Psychological Warfare

Charlo's psychological tactics involve manipulating his opponents' confidence.

He uses defensive moves like catching punches to make opponents feel secure, luring them into dropping their guard.

To start using these psychological strategies, study your opponents' behavior and capitalize on their vulnerabilities.

Head Movement

After throwing punches, Charlo always moves his head off the line, ensuring he's not an easy target for counters.

This defensive head movement involves subtle, swift shifts to avoid incoming punches.

To start incorporating head movement into your own style, practice head movement drills to enhance your defensive capabilities and reduce the risk of taking unnecessary hits.

The Best Left Hook in Boxing

Charlo's left hook is legendary.

It's not just about throwing the punch; it's about setting it up effectively.

To start mastering your own signature punches, understand that the setup and timing are just as crucial as the execution.


Now that we've delved into the details of Jermell Charlo's impressive fight style, you're likely wondering:

Can Charlo secure victory in his upcoming match against Canelo Alvarez on September 30th?

This much-anticipated bout promises to be a historic moment in boxing, and the excitement is palpable. It's a testament to Charlo's exceptional skills and determination.

As you continue to refine your own abilities and incorporate Charlo's remarkable fighting style, remember that in boxing, it's not just about mastering techniques; it's about rising to the occasion.

Stay dedicated, keep pushing yourself, and who knows, one day you might find yourself in the ring, striving for greatness, just like Jermell Charlo in this electrifying fight.

If you're curious about how Canelo Alvarez approaches his fights, you can scroll down and click the link to check out our breakdown of Canelo's unique fight style.



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