Crawford No Longer Wants To Fight Charlo After His Recent Bout Against Canelo

Jermell Charlo recently stepped into the ring against Canelo Alvarez, not only to cement his place in history but to prove a point. 

Many questioned his decision, considering Charlo's year-long hiatus and his recovery from a hand injury. 

Some even whispered that he might be avoiding the rising star of his division, Tim Tszyu. 

However, Charlo was resolute in his mission to make a statement. In this blog post, we delve into the results of this epic clash, Crawford's response, and what the future holds for these remarkable fighters.

Results of the Fight

The outcome of the fight left no room for doubt; Canelo Alvarez emerged as the clear victor. 

Even Charlo knew he lost as after the fight the atmosphere was silent, with Charlo refraining from even raising his hand or displaying any semblance of confidence.

During the bout, Charlo tried to employ a counterpunching strategy, aiming to catch Canelo with his formidable left hook. 

However, Canelo's punches were simply too potent and impactful to allow Charlo to regain control. 

One significant factor contributing to Charlo's difficulties was the weight difference between the two fighters. Canelo, the reigning champion, had the advantage in both size and strength. 

As the fight progressed, Canelo strategically wore down Charlo, targeting his left shoulder with relentless punches to weaken it and also focusing on body shots to sap his energy. 

This calculated approach ultimately resulted in Charlo's fatigue, making it increasingly challenging for him to mount a comeback.

Plus some also believe that Canelo was able to take his foot off the gas in the later rounds and coast because he knew that the victory was surely his.

Crawford's Response

Terence "Bud" Crawford wasted no time in sharing his thoughts after the fight. 

He declared that, following Charlo's performance, he no longer harbored interest in a matchup with Charlo. 

Crawford also congratulated Canelo, humorously remarking that he "made the lion look like a baby cub." 

While this comment may have carried a playful tone, it could also signal Crawford's aspiration to achieve undisputed status in a third weight class, emphasizing his relentless drive for greatness. 

For now, the prospect of Charlo vs. Crawford remains uncertain.

What's Next for Charlo

Charlo's future in boxing is still bright, despite the recent setback. 

In post-fight interviews, Charlo revealed his intention to face the winner of the upcoming Tszyu vs. Mendoza bout. 

This decision arises from his desire to regain his undisputed title, which he was stripped of due to inactivity. 

Charlo's determination to reclaim his place at the top of the division is a testament to his unwavering spirit.

What's Next for Crawford

As for Terence Crawford, the boxing world eagerly awaits a rematch with Errol Spence Jr. 

Spence has activated the rematch clause, setting the stage for a highly anticipated Spence vs. Crawford 2. 

While the exact date is yet to be determined, Spence has expressed his desire for the fight to take place toward the end of the year. 

This rematch promises to be another chapter in the ongoing saga of two elite welterweights vying for supremacy.

What's Next for Canelo

Canelo Alvarez, an iconic figure in the world of boxing, faces an interesting crossroads. 

While he has nothing left to prove to the sport, some believe that he has been avoiding a matchup with David Benavidez, the number one contender in the super middleweight division.

It remains to be seen whether Canelo will finally step into the ring with Benavidez or choose to orchestrate another superfight against a marquee name, 

Potentially diverting the organization's attention away from mandating a specific bout. 

Regardless of his decision, Canelo is going down as one of the greats and his legacy is forever secured.


In conclusion, sometimes the outcome aligns precisely with what we anticipate. 

After all boxing do have all these weight classes for a very specific reason…

Size Does Matter

But regardless, the Charlo vs. Canelo showdown was a testament to the established hierarchy and the enduring strength of champions. 

Jermell Charlo's courage to step into the ring and Canelo Alvarez's dominance were exactly what many expected. 

So one thing we wish to make clear is that no matter what happens in the ring, 

We always wish both fighters the very best in their future endeavors

And as boxing's unpredictability keeps us on the edge of our seats, we eagerly await the next chapter in the journeys of these remarkable athletes.



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