Are New Year’s resolution pointless

First of all…

Happy New Year to everyone in the Box Rope community.  

I hope you had an extremely joyful Christmas and are as excited as I am for this upcoming year,

But as you know…

We have reached that part of the year where everybody is out to make THE BIG CHANGE,

Turn their life around, 

And accomplish their dreams,

All by simply deciding on their New Year's resolutions.

The reality of New Year's resolutions 

As I said, RIGHT NOW everyone is embarking on their journey of hard work and discipline,

But as you’ve probably seen, this journey usually ends around the middle-end of January.

This is right about the time when gyms become much less crowded, 

While the liquor and junk food isles at grocery stores become much more crowded.

Everybody starts to give up on their life-changing journey and they undo all the progress made from their New Year motivation.

Just to shamefully go back to square one, and repeat the exact same process the following year.

Doubts In Resolutions

This delusion of believing each year will be different,

Despite most people acting the exact same way has caused many to resent the idea of a New Year resolution.

Which is understandable since they have only ever seen it as a false hope that ends in shame and misery.

So these people try to prevent that feeling of shame by avoiding the New Year's Resolution all together…

Because after all, it’s pointless right?

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Are Resolutions Pointless

No, but…

If you have ever failed your New Year's resolution and then decided that blaming the goal itself was your best course of action

Then you are in the wrong place my friend because that is a clear and definite way of telling me that you are not only lazy, 

But you also lack accountability and want the world given to you on a silver platter.


If you FAIL your New Year resolution then that is ok.

Failure is okay as long as you proceed with new goals and more action on your part

But failure is not okay when you blame anyone or anything other than yourself and your own laziness.

What Should You Do In This New Year

Well, the first thing you should do is make sure you aren’t that person in the previous paragraph,

And if you are then self-accountability needs to be at the top of your list in this new year.

But if you already have some level of self-accountability and want to achieve something actually worth bragging about in 2024

Then you will need a New Year’s resolution, but…

That isn’t all.

Your New Year’s Resolution

The fact is that I can’t tell you what your New Year's resolution should be, but 

I can tell you ways that you can plan this New Year's resolution so that when the clock strikes midnight 

You go into 2024 with more than a worthless sentence.

After all, any great course of action requires a detailed plan, 

And the more detail in the plan, the greater the results from that course of action.

But how are you supposed to devise this detailed plan?

New Year's Plan

Instead of a long explanation about each part of the plan, here is a checklist about each factor you will need to consider when devising your New Year plan…

Start With The Goal 

Figure out your dream end result, 

This is going to be your why, because how are you supposed to motivate yourself to work hard when you aren't even sure why you are trying so hard in the first place?

Pretend You're Him

Now that you know who you wish to become…

You need to put yourself in his shoes and imagine what he does on a day-to-day basis. 


Accomplished dreams are built on the foundation of productive habits.

So find out what his habits are and plan out the specific daily actions you would need to take in order to be more like your future self.


It’s fair to say that your future self is going to have certain things that you don’t

Whether it’s more financial control, physical mobility, or emotional control...

Your future self has something that makes these daily actions easier 

So now that you know everything your future self does and you've planned out the daily actions…

The next step is to rationalize each action and make them accomplishable for someone in your current situation

Don’t oversimplify it, you still need to struggle, 

But make it a bit easier just while you are first starting out.


Finally, the last step is to go out and make it happen.

Even if it isn’t New Year there is no downside to getting a head start among the competition. 

So there it is, everything you need to make your New Year’s resolutions come true.

Honestly, I hope next year I can come to this blog post and read stories in the comments of people who achieved their resolutions partially thanks to this post

But don't worry about it because now is the time for action

So all I have left to say to you is…

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