Boxing Workout For Beginners | How to burn fat fast

Boxing is a high-intensity, full-body workout that is great for burning fat and getting in shape.

If you're looking for a way to burn fat fast, a boxing workout is pretty much the best option out there.

In this blog post, we'll take a look at how a boxing workout can help you burn fat and provide a beginner-friendly routine that you can try at home. In case you just want to improve your boxing skills, read this post

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20 minutes long at home Boxing Workout to burn fat fat:

1. Warm-up (5min):

Start with a 5-minute warm-up to get your heart rate up and prepare your body for the workout. This can include jumping jacks, jumping rope with the BoxRope, or shadow boxing.

2. Shadow Boxing (3min):

Spend 3 minutes shadow boxing, pay close attention to your technique and movement. Visualize an opponent in front of you as you throw combinations. Continuously keep moving and shifting your weight during this exercise. Don't forget to include body punches as part of your routine to target different muscle groups.

3. Jumping Rope (3min):

Spend 3 minutes jumping rope. Begin by jumping at a steady and slow pace for the first minute. Gradually increase your speed during the first 30 seconds of the second minute, striving to do Double-Unders by the end of this minute. Take the final minute to cool down.

4. Core Strength (4min):

Dedicate one minute to holding the plank position, focusing on maintaining proper form and engaging your core. In the second minute, perform crunches to target your abdominal muscles. Move on to burpees in the third minute, modifying the pace as needed to maintain proper form and avoid straining. Finally, return to the plank position for one final minute to finish off your core workout.

5. Cool-down:

Finish with a 5-minute cool-down to bring your heart rate back down and stretch out your muscles.


Repeat this routine 2-3 times per week to see improvement don't forget your roadwork and gym sessions. In addition to this routine, it's also important to incorporate a healthy diet that is high in protein and low in processed foods and added sugars to support your fat loss.


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