How To Jump Rope For Boxers: Mastering Double Unders

Are you looking to master your Double Unders?

It is important to keep in mind that the right jumping form for Double Unders is not terribly different from a basic bounce or single under. However, we see boxers struggle with Double Unders because they overcompensate for poor jump rope control by trying to jump higher. This leads to a few common mistakes in jump form and landing we will run through in this article.

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Double Unders have long been a drill embraced by boxers and all fighters-alike, since they’re incredible for overall conditioning, coordination and building endurance.

The concept is simple, get the rope under your feet twice in a single jump — they require an incredible amount of speed and coordination to actually execute. All skills boxers need.

Double Unders aren’t a skill that you’re likely to master overnight. It can take years of training to get to  a level where you are performing them continuously in a workout without stopping. 

Feeling intimidated? Don’t worry, we assure you that with time, practice, and the right technique you will be able to do them effortlessly — like you see all your favorite boxers do.


The first thing to think about when jumping for Double Unders is not how high your feet go above the ground but instead how high your head goes. The vertical distance of your body is what provides the time you will need to complete two turns of the jump rope. In other words, simply tucking your legs without lifting your entire body upward will not give you the “hang time” you need.

Typically, beginners will need a bit more hang time than advanced jump ropers. Once you’ve mastered rope speed and control, you won’t need to jump very high at all to complete Double Unders. 

Your turning speed and jump height work inversely to complete a double under. As your jump height increases, your speed must decrease, and as your jump height decreases, your rope turning speed must increase.

It is also very important to keep in mind how you contact the ground when attempting Double Unders. Because you are jumping higher than usual, your body must absorb a greater impact when landing. 

Be sure to allow a soft bend in your knees as you land. Landing with stiff, straight legs will prevent you from properly absorbing impact and can lead to injury. A big key is to land on the balls of your feet. This helps you be ready to jump back up for the next single bounce or Double Under.


1. Measure the ideal length of jump rope for you by stepping on the center of it with both feet - The ends of the handles should reach your your chest / armpits

2. Pick jump a rope that is has some “weight” to it, but is not slow

3. Keep your knees bent and your legs moving constantly. Land on the balls of your feet and do not let your heels touch (except for variations on the basic skip). Squeeze your abs, butt, and keep your legs tight together throughout the exercise. This will help with efficiency and control.

4. Use your wrists to rotate the rope, not your entire arm. Keep your elbows to your sides and close to your body. Do not let you forearms drift out and away or it will shorten the rotation and you’ll miss the skip.


        Whatever you do, keep practicing and celebrate each and every victory. Even just trying them makes you tougher than most. And those bruises you’re going to get from the rope hitting you over and over? Just think of them as battle scars, and be proud of yourself.

        Now go get started! Here is also a short video tutorial if you're more the visual learner.


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