What To Do When The Sun Stops Shining - Becoming Adaptable As A Fighter

Easy to do the work when everything is going great, you succeeding and the sun is shining, 

But who are you when the clouds appear, when it starts to rain and the winds pick up?

Who are you when the lighting starts to strike and you hear the thunderous roars of failure and anxiety?

It’s not about who you are in the ideal weather conditions,

Who are you in the middle of the storm?

When your tired,

When the motivation has run out,

When all you want to do is quit,


Are you the type to give up, blame everyone around you, and then retreat into your cave of failed goals

Or are you the type of person to endure the storm, to stand in the middle of the 💩 storm and do everything in your power to not give up

So that as soon as the storm is over, you can reach that next level of success knowing that nothing and no one is ever going to be strong enough to STOP you.

Identify excuses 

Everyone has that little voice, 

The voice that tells you just how uncomfortable you are,

The voice that tells you just how much pain you are in,

The voice that wants you to quit,

And unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of that voice meaning…

It is always going to be with you, no matter how hard you try to silence it.

So if you can’t get rid of it, then what are you supposed to do?


Even though you always hear it, it doesn’t mean you have to actively listen to it..

So that no matter what it says or how much it tries to take control of you and keep you from pushing yourself.

You must remain unphased and give that voice 0 influence on the decisions you make or the actions you take,

Because if you cannot control this voice then you will remain a slave to your emotions,

And will not be able to accomplish anything that is worth any value, leaving you with nothing but... 

An eternally meaningless existence

Make the right decisions 

Once you overcome the excuses and begin to make decisions based on logic, 

You then need to improve your logical thinking, 

So that the decisions you can get the most optimized results.

For example, Let's say that the night before your fight you step on the scale and the number that reveals itself is higher than the number needed to fight,

Because of this extra weight that has revealed itself, you decide to throw on the sauna suit and go for a run in a last-minute attempt to make weight for your fight.

Now you can either up the pace on the treadmill and lose the weight quicker, 

This means you are going to use up more energy but you will also spend less time on the treadmill and more time sleeping.

Or you can run at a lower pace for a slightly longer period but it isn't going to be as physically demanding and you will have less time to sleep before your fight,

In this situation, you need to be able to logically analyze how much sleep you might lose and how much energy is going to be wasted in each run,

So that you are able to have the most energy during your fight.

Disclaimer* this shouldn’t happen because you should be cutting weight in advance and we don’t recommend anyone taking any extreme measure

But to use the previous storm analogy

When the storm does arrive you need to know whether it’s better to grab a raincoat or an umbrella.

So when you make any decision that will affect your ability to fight,

Make sure that you aren’t just being impulsive and choosing the first thing that comes to mind,

Instead analyse ALL the variables of your situation and come to a LOGICAL solution.

Self Reflection

The final and most important step is self-reflection.

Because it doesn’t matter how logical and mentally strong you think you are,

If you aren’t constantly reflecting on the things that you did right and wrong...

Then you will always be victim to the same mistakes and give in to the same temptations.

At the end of the day, everyone is human…

So no matter what superhuman nonsense you hear on the internet about being perfect, 

And having an iron mind 100% of the time,

You are always going to experience low points in life where the temptations are stronger than ever before.

So the only way you can be prepared is by knowing yourself, knowing what that voice is going to say, and trusting that you have the discipline to do what needs to be done.

To refer back to my storm analogy,

The best way to always be prepared for the storm is to…

First, check the weather (See when the excuses begin to appear) 

And secondly, remember what got you out of the last storm (Trust in your ability by remembering your previous unwavering resilience)


So, whether the sun is shining brightly on your achievements or you find yourself in the midst of a storm, remember this…

The true measure of your character is revealed not in the easy moments but in the face of adversity. 

Embrace the challenges, conquer that inner voice of doubt, make logical decisions, and engage in constant self-reflection.

Remember, just as you define yourself in the moments of triumph, it is in the storms of life that your resilience truly shines. 

So stand unwavering, learn from each tempest, and emerge stronger, knowing that no obstacle is insurmountable. 

As you navigate through the storms, your ability to endure and persevere will lead you to the next level of success, proving that,

Nothing and no one is ever strong enough to stop you. 



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