Tactics To Actually Stop Making Excuses- Not A Motivational Speech

In the unforgiving realm of boxing, excuses are the nemesis of champions. 

These excuses which seem harmless at first glance, actually have the power to paralyze your potential,

And leave you in the unfulfilling shadow of what you could have been

To make sure that you don’t end up falling short of what you could have once been

I decided to write this blog post to give you a full understanding of what excuses are and how you are going to avoid them

So that in your later years of life when you ponder on your achievements, You ponder in glory

Instead of shame

Tactics on how to stop making excuses

Understanding Excuses

Excuses are deceptive culprits. 

They are the reasons we give ourselves for not doing something we should. 

What's more, they often stem from factors within our control, yet we conveniently shift the blame to external forces. 

This diversion of responsibility spares us from the shame of inaction. However, the truth lies in the fact that we could have taken action if we truly desired it.

But why do we make excuses in the first place? 

One answer lies in our instinctual behavior, a remnant of our hunter-gatherer past. 

In those days, conserving energy was crucial for survival. Those who hoarded their strength for critical moments thrived. 

However, in our modern world, where necessities are readily available with minimal effort, this evolutionary trait can lead us down the path of procrastination and excuses.

Motivation's Complex Web

Motivation, or the lack thereof, is at the heart of our excuse-making tendencies. 

This is perfectly summed up in a quote by Ryan Blair, 

"If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse." 

This quote encapsulates the essence of excuses – they are the armor we wear to protect our comfort zones. 

When our commitment falters and we feel the sting of change, we craft excuses to justify our quitting.

However, the truth is that if we did want to change, then we would justify the pain instead of the excuse and continue to push ourselves until we reach our goals.

Excuses also provide a dopamine rush

This neurochemical, often associated with achievement, subtly rewards us for our excuse-making. 

When others accept our excuses, we receive a small dose of dopamine, momentarily masking our shame

In essence, we are squandering dopamine meant for real accomplishments to shield ourselves from the reality of our inaction.

But the truth is that this will only mask the shame in the short term and once that dopamine wears off…

You will be left with nothing but guilt and disappointment.

Overcoming the Excuse Epidemic

Escaping the clutches of excuses is no easy feat. So to help you break free from its suffocating death grip, here is the complete guide to overcoming all your excuses…

Stop Making Excuses

Change Your Mindset

It all begins with your mindset. The pivotal shift is not merely saying you believe in yourself 

But truly believing in your heart that you have what it takes. 

This won't show during the easy days, but it also won't be able to hide on the hard days either

It’s about what you tell yourself when you’re tired and you’re staring directly at your warm, soft bed

When you’re hungry and you’re gazing into your full, sweet refrigerator

Or when you’ve got work to do and you’re friends are telling you to ditch it and go out that night

What you tell yourself in these situations will reveal what your mindset truly is and how much you believe in yourself

So in these moments, DO NOT let yourself down


Developing this unshakable self-belief empowers you to weather the storm of self-doubt and external pressures. It provides you with the mental fortitude to confront excuses head-on.


Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. Reframe your internal dialogue to replace doubt with determination. Instead of saying "I can't," ask yourself "How can I?"


Failing to plan is planning to fail

When times get hard the easiest way to not deviate from your goals is to plan out the specific 

Because when temptation hits, the first thing you do is analyze the goal or analyze what you said you were going to do

So by having a detailed and specific plan, you leave less room for excuses to creep in

Making it easier to maintain your focus and stay true to your goals


Planning ensures that you know your destination and the path to get there. It minimizes uncertainty and keeps you focused on your goals.


Break down your long-term goals into smaller, manageable tasks. Create a daily or weekly schedule that outlines what needs to be done. By following a structured plan, you reduce the opportunity for excuses to creep in.

Find External Motivation

Surround yourself with objects or reminders that constantly ignite your motivation.

These serve as anchors during moments of self-doubt and wavering commitment, bringing you back to your purpose.

If you lack motivating objects and want something that will help you work out while constantly reminding you to stay RUTHLESSLY CONSISTENT

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External motivation provides a visual and emotional connection to your goals. It keeps you reminded of your aspirations, even when your internal motivation wanes.


Identify objects, quotes, or images that inspire you and place them where you'll see them daily. These serve as constant reminders of your purpose and keep you aligned with your goals.

Give Yourself a Fresh Start

This is vital for those who have made quitting a habit

Because if you see yourself as a quitter then you will continue to do what quitters do


So when you decide to change, the first step is to forgive yourself for all the times that you quit 

And tell yourself that from that exact moment in time, you are no longer a quitter and 

So you will not quit


Granting yourself a fresh start absolves you of past shortcomings and reinforces a new, more resilient identity.


Write down your past excuses and failures, acknowledging them as learning experiences rather than sources of shame. Declare your new identity and commit to it with unwavering determination.

Prioritize Your Goals

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are strong work ethics. Start small, build momentum, and gradually aim for loftier goals. 

Remember, you can't run a marathon if you've never even jogged around your block.


Setting realistic, achievable goals allows you to build confidence in your abilities, paving the way for tackling more significant challenges.


Begin with small, manageable tasks aligned with your long-term objectives. As you accomplish these, gradually increase the complexity and scope of your goals. This gradual progression diminishes the need for excuses.


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This is the main method that I discussed in my previous blog post about the McGregor Mindset. Click Here to Read

This is one of the main methods that McGregor used to help himself become the first 2-time UFC champion in history

And it also contributed to his self-belief 

What makes it so special is that it almost deludes you into thinking you are someone that you’re not, 


But it deludes you in a good way so that you continue to take action until you become the person that you have been picturing this whole time

Now, this isn't some magic pill and you will still need to do the hard yards

But this can be a great way of making you believe that it is possible so you are more willing to do those hard yards


Visualization stimulates your self-belief and encourages you to take action, making your aspirations more attainable.


Don’t waste time sitting still and imagining stuff. But when you’re driving, eating, or doing any other task that doesn’t require 100% focus, you simply picture the life you want and pretend that you are already living it.

Close off the Outside World

This one is only for the big dreamers and if you only have small achievable goals then this may be pointless

But for the real dreamers and high achievers, this is a requirement

You only have so much energy and focus in a day 

This means in order to be great, you need to compete with all the other big dreamers and high achievers

So how are you supposed to be great and compete with these people

When 5 hours' worth of your time and energy goes into scrolling through useless garbage on tik tok

Or getting into pointless arguments on Twitter with people who have the IQ of a THUMB


Eliminating unnecessary distractions allows you to concentrate on your goals, ensuring your energy is directed toward meaningful pursuits.


Identify time-wasting habits or distractions and take conscious steps to minimize or eliminate them. Create a conducive environment for productivity and stay disciplined in maintaining it.

Make Good Excuses

Instead of using excuses to avoid necessary actions, make excuses to deter yourself from counterproductive behaviors. Choose excuses that propel you forward, not hold you back.


This approach reframes the excuse-making process to work in your favor, helping you make better decisions in alignment with your goals.


When faced with a tempting situation that could lead to excuses, pause and come up with reasons why you shouldn't engage in that behavior. For example, rather than making excuses for not working out, make excuses for not indulging in unhealthy food or distractions.


In the world of boxing, excuses can mean the difference between a champion and a wasted potential. 

This means fighters must confront their excuses head-on, understanding that each one stands as an obstacle to their growth. 

By embracing a mindset of unwavering determination and implementing strategies to keep excuses at bay, they can step into the ring of life with unwavering resolve, ready to face whatever challenges come their way. 

These strategies not only serve boxers in their quest for success but can be applied to various aspects of life, ensuring that excuses never hold them back again.



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