The Best Of Boxrope 2023

There goes another year but this year was surely a great one, 

Not just for Boxrope but for Boxing in general

So join us as we…

Reveal all the noteworthy achievements of Boxrope in 2023 and how far we have come with your help over the last 365 days

Sponsorship Andy Cruz Gomez

Andy Cruz x BoxRope

One of the highlights of the year was the SPONSORSHIP of Olympic Gold Medalist, Andy Cruz Gomez.

This came shortly after his victory against Juan Carlos Burgos 

Seeing his performance definitely sparked our interest and so we decided to get in contact with him…

Not long after we teamed up via sponsorship and have been happily helping him through his career wherever we can.

But what about his performance was so special?

What intrigued us was not just the win, but the potential we saw in a boxer who had proven himself in the amateur realm and was stepping into the professional arena.

In the realm of boxing, Andy Cruz Gomez, an Olympic gold medalist, and a lightweight Cuban boxer, stood out as a promising talent. 

With our support, we anticipate witnessing his journey toward securing a world championship 

And plan to continuously help him out and support him wherever possible.

Replacement Rope

In 2023 we introduced the Boxrope Replacement Rope. 

Knowing that wear and tear are inevitable, especially for those who engage in daily workouts, we aimed to offer a cost-effective solution.

For customers who bought the Boxrope a few years ago and can see their rope coming to an end.

The Replacement Rope is a practical option to extend the life of their Boxrope without the need for a full replacement. 

It's a response to the practical needs of our dedicated users.

But even this was small compared to our latest improvement to the Boxrope collection

Boxrope Consistency Mat

BoxRope | Consistency Mat

We always want to listen to you and improve our products wherever we can

So earlier in the year, we reached out to our supporters and asked you what your biggest problems were when using our Boxrope

To our SHOCK the answers that we were given weren’t actually about the Boxrope but instead about the overall experience of jumping rope

It was PROBLEMS like…

  • Landing on hard surfaces, 
  • Feeling a strain on your joints,
  • Current solutions weren't visually appealing
  • Current mats were cheap and didn't last
  • Current mats were too light and constantly slip

Or it would be issues about your personal experience in boxing

Things like…

  • lack of motivation, 
  • aching backs post-ab workouts,
  • And more problems that we are currently fixing 

In response to these tangible struggles, Boxrope has introduced the Consistency Mat. 

Meticulously crafted from durable materials to withstand the rigors of regular use,

Its ideal weight ensures a seamless experience in various scenarios. 

Acting as a cushion for your landings, it absorbs the stress that often burdens your joints, resulting in extended, more enjoyable workouts… 

With reduced pressure on both body and mind.

This mat isn't merely a workout accessory; it's a silent companion in your boxing journey. 

With every landing, it serves as a tangible reminder of your goals, dreams, and passions. 

It becomes a visual cue to persist, to resist giving up or giving in, encapsulating the essence of consistency and 

Your unwavering commitment to yourself.

By recognizing the depth of these challenges, 

Boxrope has done its best to provide you with a…

Consistency Mat that transcends being just a workout mat

Instead, it's a testament to the shared struggles of those trying to be dedicated fighters. 

The aim is not merely to give you a mat but to genuinely elevate your Boxing experience. 

Because, in the end, we believe that a pain-free, stress-free workout is not just a luxury—it's a necessity.



BoxRope | Made for Boxing | Best Rope in the Game

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Built from a high-grade PVC rope, it weighs about 15% more and is wound 20% tighter than traditional jump ropes. The added weight and tightness create a satisfying and natural feel.

The BoxRope Vol.1. added agility and control allow you to create superior workouts and achieve greater results. It is simply the finest rope available, and we know you’re going to love it.

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