Master The Game | Fundamentals of Boxing

Think you could be a decent boxer, 

But not sure what it takes in order to get a high level of skill in boxing.

The truth is with the right training routine and enough hard work, anyone has the ability to become a decent boxer.

But what is the right routine and how do you know if you’re working hard enough?

Because without the right routine, it doesn't matter how hard you work 

And without hard work, it doesn't matter how perfect your routine is.

You must realize that boxing is a highly complex and competitive sport

With dozens of components to perfect and hundreds of training methods for each component

Trying to perfect your routine with so many choices is basically impossible

Which is why we have picked the 10 Fundamental components of boxing to be successful in the ring, 

Not just that, but we also have a post that goes into detail for each of the 10 components and the link will be provided for each section

So if you know that you have the potential to become a decent boxer

But struggle to find and understand most information online about boxing

Then here is everything you need to know in order to increase your worth ethic and perfect your training routine.

Master The Game | Boxing Fundamentals

Mental Toughness

“It always comes down to mind games. Whoever is mentally strong wins”

-Muhammed Ali

Ali didn't just say things like this, he was the type to live by it, 

Known for his mental toughness both inside and outside of the boxing ring. 

He had strong willpower with the ability to face any challenges and conquer whatever or whoever was put in front of him

But he isn't the only one, nearly every great fighter in history is known for having an unmatched and unbreakable mindset

After all, boxing is a sport that can be both physically and mentally grueling. 

And even though technical skills, footwork, and fitness are important

The mental fortitude to endure the physical punishment of a fight and make smart decisions is the true factor to determine who will come out on top.

So the only thing more important than what you can do, is what you believe you can do

Or as Muhammed Ali also said…

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it.”

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Calmness Under Pressure

Being mentally tough is important and so are the other 8 methods, however

They are all rendered useless if you cannot remain calm under pressure.

Mike Tyson said it best with one of his most famous quotes, 

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

So, if you're ever fighting or even sparring

And you are struggling to think while the opponent is scoring on you

Then you’re in for a long night my friend

But like everything staying calm under pressure is a skill that everyone can master

The most effective ways to master this skill is sparring, meditating, cold showers, and any other safe, high-pressure environments.

So although every other skill is important

You must remember, it doesn't matter how good of a fighter you are or how good your game plan is because all this is useless if you can't think clearly after taking one on the chin.

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Now we enter the physical aspect of boxing,

You may have heard the famous quote from former heavyweight Jack Dempsey who stated…

"The best defense is a good offense"

Although, if you watched Ryan Garcia vs Gervonta Davis 

Then you probably realized that isn't exactly the case

Although it was a great fight, we could see how Ryan failed to keep his hands up and his guard tidy. Which would lead to him getting knockdown and counted out in the 7th round.

So when it is your turn to spar, be sure to keep your defense clean, tidy, and effective.

Especially if you want to reduce the risk of being put down mid-fight.

To learn how to protect yourself find a partner who is at a similar level

And practice throwing controlled punches at each other to practice the defensive move.

As you get more confident, you can adjust the punches to make them less predictable, with the goal of mastering it in open sparring.

In other words, if you want to decrease the chances of being knocked onto the canvas then be sure to master the fundamentals of your boxing defenses

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Punching Technique

If you’re a beginner then this is what most of your time should be dedicated to.

Because it doesn't matter how

  • big you are
  • strong you are
  • Fast you are
  • Fit you are

Nothing will matter if you can’t throw a proper punch. 

A great example of this is the Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury fight

Even though Deontay Wilder was far leaner and known for his unmatched power

It wasn't enough against the fat but highly skilled Tyson Fury, who was able to bowl him over in the 11th round

So how can you improve it?

Unfortunately, this is one where you need someone with experience to critique you

I recommend talking to your coaches and trainers to learn all the elements of punching and then slowly practicing it until you get it perfect

So before you try all the fancy combinations, make sure you have laid the foundation with the correct punching technique

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Footwork is another essential component of boxing. 

And while footwork allows boxers to move around the ring quickly and effectively

Most people don't realize that it plays a big part in how much power you can generate.

In fact, some studies have found that only 20% of power is generated from your arms

And even though a majority of the power comes from your core and hip rotations

Having sloppy footwork and bad balance can restrict your hip rotations and take away a lot of power from each punch

To maximize their power output, boxers can improve their footwork through drills such as shadowboxing, and ladder drills. 

As for your balance, the best way to improve this is through jump rope. Now obviously any jump rope will work. 

However some do tend to easily tangle, aren't very durable, and make it overall harder to get a rhythm going

So if you want a jump rope that has been specially made for boxers, by boxers then we recommend you check out our Boxrope skipping rope trusted by over 10'000 boxers in more than 25 countries.

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Timing and Rhythm

Timing and rhythm is the most frustrating component on this list

Although good timing and rhythm allow boxers to anticipate their opponent's movements, set up punches, and create openings. 

The only way you can get extremely good at it is to practice it in sparring and until you get good at it

You’re going to get punched in the face, 

A LOT!!!

You can and should start off practicing it with shadowboxing or on a punching bag

But you will learn very quickly that it is a lot more challenging with an opponent in front of you.

Nevertheless, it is a necessary aspect of boxing that will dramatically improve your sparring

And will be much easier to learn if you know the fundamentals of 

  • footwork, 
  • punching techniques 
  • Mental toughness
  • Remaining calm

So even though this is a challenging component to learn and will lead to you getting punched in the face, once you have mastered it you will be unstoppable 

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No one ever wants to go for a run

But unfortunately, boxing is a high-intensity sport that requires a lot of stamina and endurance. 

So boxers need to go for runs in order to be able to last through rounds and maintain their performance. 

But whether you want to run or not, it shouldn't matter

Because by the time your cardio becomes an issue, you should have already built up that unmatched mental toughness

And if you haven't then running is a great way to do it.

So whether you planning on fighting, want to last more rounds in the ring, or just trying to improve your mental strength

You need to go for a run.

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Strength Training

Strength training is definitely the most overlooked component in boxing today

Although there are tons of evidence to prove that strength training is an effective way to increase power and flexibility and decrease chances of injury.

Due to the old stigma that boxers don't lift weights most old-fashioned coaches will purposely avoid this training method 

But that's okay because it gives you the upper hand when you eventually verse any of his fighters

Especially due to your increased power and explosiveness.

It should be noted however that you should not be lifting like a bodybuilder, as this is where the stigma was created

And lifting like a bodybuilder will negatively affect your training, 

But, if you can learn to lift like an athlete and focus more on explosiveness instead of trying to build muscle

Then over time, you should notice a dramatic increase in your speed and power, to give you a one-up against your old-fashioned competition. 

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While Strength training is avoided by coaches, boxers are usually the ones to ignore recovery.

And it is understandable that after a long, intense session

You can't be bothered to sit around and practice these boring movements instead of going home and enjoying a nice warm meal.

However, boxing training can be extremely intense, and not practicing stretches will increase your risk of long-term injuries

Maybe the younger boxers aged 16-25 might get away with not stretching but as you get older your injury risk will dramatically increase.

A Proper recovery includes stretching, foam rolling, massage, and ice baths.

So boxers, particularly those who are 25 and above, need to prioritize recovery and give their bodies enough time to rest and repair. 

Especially if they want to avoid long-term injuries that could potentially put an end to their careers.

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Nutrition is something that everyone is aware of

But not enough people actually understand how to eat properly and why it is so important

The way my coach explained it to me was…

Your body is like a car

And similarly to how using poor-quality fuel can damage a car's engine, 

Consuming unhealthy food can damage your body and your ability to train. 

But by using the right fuel in your car, 

You can ensure it runs smoothly and achieve maximum performance. 

So if you also want your body to run smoothly and achieve maximum performance

You must be sure to consume a healthy, balanced diet, that will provide your body with all the essential nutrients necessary.

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In conclusion, boxing is a sport that consists of a wide range of skills and styles.

With each boxer having his own unique approach to the game. 

But no matter what your style is and no matter what training methods you use,

You will always need to be improving on these 10 components if you want to improve your boxing and become a more feared opponent 

And whether you want to dominate the sport of boxing or just enjoy it and stay fit,

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