How You Can Fight Like The Gypsy King | Unveiling Tyson Fury's Techniques

This is not some long post about Tyson Fury’s story. 

It’s not about what got him into boxing

And it's not about why he continues to fight

This is purely focused on how he fights. It’s a study guide for you to know the main techniques, tips, and tricks

They are used by the previously unified heavyweight champion of the world.

So you can start implementing aspects of his strategy into your own fighting style and increase your overall boxing IQ. 

So let's get into it… 


Age - 34

Debut - December 6, 2008

Next Fight - August 28, 2023

Record - 33-0-1

KOs - 24 (70.6%)

Height - 206cm

Reach - 216cm

Stance - Orthodox

1. Guard 

Tyson Fury Guard

Fury uses a combination of head movement, footwork, and strategic hand positioning to create an elusive and unpredictable guard.

One key element of Fury's guard is his unique use of the lead hand. He keeps it down, inviting opponents to target his head, only to swiftly evade their punches with quick timing and precise head movement. 

He usually steps forward as he slips and by doing so, closes the distances while moving into his opponent's blind spots, making it difficult for them to find their mark and leaving them unable to land effective strikes.

Another crucial aspect is Fury's footwork. One thing you will notice with a lot of fighters is that they always set themselves before they begin to punch. This is why Fury is constantly changing angles and directions while moving his head

So his opponents are always readjusting, which doesnt allow them to set and forces them to throw in less comfortable/effective positions.

Now that you know the basics of Fury’s style, let's dive into the more interesting and unique aspects that made him the unified heavyweight champion of the world

2. Feints and Guard Manipulations

At the heart of Tyson Fury's formidable fight style lies his mastery of feints. 

Fury employs feints that bait his opponents into reacting, thereby leaving them open and vulnerable to his real attack. 

One of his go-to strategies involves a feint, followed by a quick jab to open his opponent's guard and then a hard right hand that capitalizes on the opening. 

He will often feint a few times without throwing as his opponents will react and counter for Fury to defend, however after a while, they get used to the feints and stop reacting.

Once Fury knows they won’t react with a counter he feints then throws the jab to catch them off guard while simultaneously pushing his hand through the opponent's guard to create an opening 

Before quickly capitalizing on the opening with a hard right hand, straight to the face.

Also once his opponent is used to this and begins to quickly close their guard before the right hand lands, 

Fury will see that their guard is now centered and so he will send the right hand wide, aiming for the side of their head in order to take advantage of the new opening.

3. Head Movement and Timing

Tyson Fury's exceptional defense lies in his mastery of head movement. 

He has an incredible ability to evade punches with remarkable precision, utilizing a combination of head slips and rolls to make himself a challenging target to hit. 

By expertly timing his movements, Fury disrupts his opponents' rhythm, preventing them from establishing a steady pace during the fight. 

This strategic approach to head movement not only allows him to avoid incoming punches but also sets up opportunities for counterattacks. 

The trick is that he never stops moving his head because it is harder to keep your head still and suddenly shift it 

Then it is to keep moving your head and quickly change directions 

So even when no one is punching Fury will constantly be moving his head from side to side, keeping himself ready for whatever his opponent is about to throw at him.

4. Creating Angles and Punching Strategies

Fury has become a master at catching his opponents off guard and disrupting their offensive plans. But how is he able to catch his opponents off guard?

Here are a few little tricks that Tyson Fury uses…

Fury's favorite offensive move is throwing his rear hand over the opponent's jab, a technique that has proven to be highly effective in catching opponents by surprise. 

Another is how he uses his own jab. I already to you how he uses it to open up the center when his opponent is in full guard

However, when the opponent is in the traditional guards, he uses a wide jab to shift his opponent's left hand as they catch it, creating a perfect opening for his powerful right hand to land on the outside of his opponent's guard.

As for the right hand, whenever he throws it, you can see that he will move his head off the center line in order to dodge any straights his opponents may throw at the same time.

5. In The Pocket

The key thing I am yet to talk about is how he attacks while coming forward.

You tyson fury often defends while steeping back and simultaneously getting his opponent used to coming forward. Then as he is about to reach the ropes he either starts stepping to the side or 

He lunges forward with one of his combinations mentioned above and then shifts himself into the pocket of his opponent.

For those who dont know the term “pocket”.

In boxing the pocket is when both boxers are in extremely close range often they are so close that their heads are touching. 

So how does Tyson Fury use the pocket to his advantage? 

One thing Fury does is employ a unique headlock technique, making his opponent unable to punch and making them tilt their heads down, setting them up to absorb Fury’s powerful uppercut.

Another thing Fury will do is lean his left shoulder on the opponent's left shoulder while tucking his head behind his opponent's head and ontop of his opponent's left hand

Then once his opponent's left hand is lowered he will quickly step back while throwing either a right hook or uppercut that takes advantage of the opening from his opponent's left hand being down.

6. Psychological Warfare

Tyson Fury is not just a fighter with extraordinary physical abilities, he is also a master of psychological warfare. Displaying cocky behavior and taunts during fights, he skillfully gets into his opponents' heads, provoking them and throwing them off balance emotionally.

He also uses specific and personal trash talk before the fight in order to scare his opponents by making them believe they don’t stand a chance.

The formula he often uses to structure his trash talk is…

Eye contact, talks himself up, promises to hurt them, followed by a personal insult, then talks himself up again before finally repeating the initial threat.

With this, he is able to get in his opponent's head and make them doubt their own abilities. This means that on the day, they won't be able to fight at 100% due to the beliefs that Tyson Fury has sneakily placed in their mind.


This fight breakdown focuses on the boxing style of Tyson Fury, 

Providing insights into the techniques, strategies, and tricks he uses in his professional career. 

While it doesn't delve into his personal background or motivations, I hope it gave you valuable information in a way that was easy to understand, so that you are able to incorporate his fighting style into your own repertoire. 

Personally, I have found tricks used when he throws a jab-cross the most useful,

But I still recommend at least trying everything to see what you do like, what you don’t like, and what works best with your style

Because, at the end of the day, everyone's style is different and what works for one won't always work for another.


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