Is Jake Paul A Real Boxer? (UPDATED)

A lot has happened since we last reviewed Jake Paul and his position as a “boxer”

In fact, since our last review, Jake Paul has actually lost his first fight and is no longer undefeated 

Just as Jake was starting to get recognized by everyone in the sport for his respectable win against Anderson Silva

Jake Paul decided that he needed to up the anti and really prove himself to the world by going against his first opponent who is actually a professional boxer 

He eventually chose to fight Tommy Fury, due to his low record and big name thanks to his brother/legend of the sport, Tyson Fury 

Despite all his training efforts and meditation rituals, Jake Paul wasn’t able to get the win against his first professional fighter, and since then,

He has transitioned back into fighting old MMA legends who simply aren't boxers such as Nate Diaz

But is he going to keep fighting these MMA guys forever?

Did he really lose against Tommy Fury?


 ↓ Let's Find Out ↓ 

Did He Really Lose Against Fury

Before I reveal my opinion on the fight against Fury we need to first give Jake Paul some credit

Because remember that at the time Jake had only been training in boxing for about 4-5 years and when you consider the fact that Fury had started boxing when he was 6

Plus Fury had the WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in his fight camp

Then you must appreciate the fact that Jake was even able to go the distance with such a disadvantage on paper.

You see it’s easy to hate Jake Paul and say that he is bad when compared to some of the top-level fighters

But you need to remember that he is still fresh to the sport and even though we have seen a lot of improvement in his abilities

There is still a lot of improvement to be made for the young influencer.

Keeping all that in mind, did Fury beat Jake Paul?

Without a doubt yes

I believe that Fury was more active, more precise, and looked better as a boxer overall.

All of this controversy was in my opinion more about the commentators than the actual fight as they clearly favoured Jake Paul in their callouts

And were slicker to make the casual fans believe that the fight was close

Regardless everyone I’ve spoken to about the matter (who actually knows boxing) has told me that Fury was the better fighter and undoubtedly won that fight

Now I know that I just spent a paragraph defending Jake Paul and his performance, 

However, there was one thing he did after the fight that really made me lose a lot of respect for the man.

The Loss of Respect For Jake

What did Jake do that made me lose all the respect I gained for him after his first fight against a REAL BOXER?

After the fight, Jake did a quick 20-minute interview with his brother Logan

In this interview Logan questioned Jake on his loss, how he was feeling, and what were his reasons for the fight not going in his favour

The disrespectful part was one of Jake's responses where he claims that the loss had “nothing to do with him and everything to do with myself”.

Jake also said that “he wasn't that great at all, I think Anderson was tougher than him”

Now I understand he just had his first loss and he might be a bit resentful but there is no need to insult your opponent

It doesn't help your case and it only makes you look like a bitter sore loser.

I'm not saying that Jake Paul is that, 

However, he does need to give Fury credit for the win and stop saying that he is better than Fury

At least until there is a rematch in place

Then and only then can he say whatever he wants. 

What Next For Jake Paul

But will he ever rematch Tommy Fury?

Well he just recently fought Nate Diaz and won but as for what is next there are a few options that are still unfortunately rumours

  1. He could rematch Nate Diaz in an MMA fight instead of boxing
  2. He could potentially have a rematch against Tommy Fury
  3. This one is definitely a long shot but there is always the chance that he finally fights his youtube boxing Rival KSI

Now all 3 seem unlikely and the truth is he will probably face up against another MMA fighter for now

However, KSI is actually fighting against Tommy Fury in October and I think that will be great as it will be the first time that we can compare performances between Jake and KSI 

To know whether or not a fight between the 2 is actually something that we would want to see

For now, though all we can do is simply wait until either they fight or everyone stops caring entirely about the youtube boxing scene.

So Is Jake Paul A Fighter

If you read all of this then you now know exactly who Jake Paul is as a fighter and hopeful I’ve provided you with all the information for you to come up with your own answer

But in my opinion on whether or not Jake Paul is a professional boxer

Yes, for 2 reasons

First off, this kid has shown on several occasions his ability to bring in millions of dollars in tickets and paper views on his fights.

Now unfortunately boxing is a business and most fighters will never be able to generate 1 million on their own let alone 60 million dollars like Jake Paul did against Tyrone Woodley 

Mike Tyson actually commented on this in Jake Paul’s Netflix documentary by saying,

“I'm a fan of people who know how to put asses in seats” 

So from a business perspective, Jake Paul is a FIGHTER

But what about from a skill perspective?

Well it is fair to say that he isn't quite at the world-class stage of boxing but as I mentioned earlier

Getting to that level takes time and Jake Paul simply hasn’t been in the game long enough to rival people like Canelo and other world champions

However, in the time that we have seen Jake in boxing, he has shown that he has the heart to be a boxer and he has the balls to be a fighter

He’s gone through the weight cuts, he's been rocked and he has dealt with the cults and bruises while continuing to fight

So in my opinion Jake Paul is a fighter

And if you are someone who has never stepped foot in a boxing ring or a boxing gym or any gym, to begin with 

Then you do not have the right to insult Jake Paul about his boxing 

Because what he has done so far has taken a lot of strategy, struggle, and strength that has not only benefitted himself 

But benefitted the entire sport of boxing.

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