Stop Being A Coward: How To Start Building Courage

Are you a young man who lacks confidence and often shies away from confrontations? 

Do you constantly find yourself avoiding uncomfortable situations due to the internal fear overwhelming you?

Stripping you of any desire or motivation to improve yourself in that moment of time 

But also gives you that gut-wrenching feeling of failure and worthlessness.

Well this is experienced by every single person on earth at some point in time

However, what separates the cowardly from the brave are 2 simple variables

The first variable is extremely easy and can be obtained by simply reading this post

While the second variable will require time and struggle but this post will still give you advice on dealing with said struggle 

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So What are these 2 Variable… 

  1. The brave have a different understanding of fear
  2. The brave have more experience dealing with fear 

Understanding Fear

The biggest misconception I see is that brave people dont get scared and if I ever hear anyone say something like that, then I instantly know that they themselves are a coward

Because at the end of the day, fear is an emotion, and every single human being on the planet (with maybe a few exceptions) experiences fear

A great example of this is Mike Tyson who once admitted that he used to cry before every single fight out of fear

And even though he felt the fear, he didn't let it stop him from absolutely obliterating almost all of his opponents

So what is FEAR and why is there so much confusion?

You need to understand that fear is our body's natural response to a degree of uncertainty 

Meaning whenever there is uncertainty, there will be fear and there is nothing you or anyone other than god can do to change this.

Now most people believe that this fear is just a warning system made to help you avoid uncertainty but that is simply not true

Fear is actually a fuel source that can be harnessed to help you survive whatever is hiding in the uncertain

Once you truly understand this, you will be able to tap into that energy and use your fear to work for you instead of against you 

Making you more dangerous than ever before. Exactly like Mike Tyson during his prime.

So now you have the understanding but in order to truly become brave, you still need to act on that feeling of fear 

And gain experience in thriving during uncertainty.

The Power of Boxing in Building Confidence

Boxing in itself will force you to confront your innermost fears and uncertainties. 

However, you must also realize that it is a transformative experience and simply going to the boxing gym is not a quick fix to end all fear. 

Instead, your new gym will provide you with an environment filled with supportive people who will help you overcome the fear that has held you back for so long. 

But it is still going to be you who needs to lead your charge into the uncertain regardless of how much fear you are experiencing

So here are some tips to help you overcome this fear at the moment in order to get that satisfied feeling once it is all said and done.

Tips to Overcome Fear in the Moment

Lean on Your Trust for the Coach: Your coach is your mentor and guide. Trust in their expertise and let their knowledge bolster your confidence.

Don't Suppress Negative Thoughts: Instead of pushing away negative thoughts, try to rationalize them. Understand that fear is your body's way of preparing for potential threats, and you have the power to control how you react to it.

Think About Professional Fighters: When thoughts of getting seriously injured creep in, remind yourself of professional fighters who endure intense battles and come out unscathed. 

Pretend to Be Brave: If you lack bravery, pretend. Act as if you're brave until you genuinely feel it. Confidence can be cultivated through practice.

Strategize: Develop a game plan for each sparring session. Visualize how you will beat your opponent, and focus on executing that strategy.

What Happens When You Get in the Ring

The moment you step into the ring, you'll find that much of your fear dissipates. Pre-fight anxiety is natural, but during the fight, your focus shifts to survival. 

Your first sparring session may not be perfect, and that's okay. It's like the first time you drove a car. 

Although you observed others doing it for years, you realize that controlling everything yourself while staying aware is actually more challenging than it seems.

But just like driving, if you practice it enough then a lot of the movements will become second nature. 

So just go through the experience, do your best to return punches, and after the session, seek advice from your coach on how to improve.


Will boxing make you more confident and less cowardly? 


While it's not a magic button, it provides a transformative journey that surrounds you with brave and encouraging fighters. 

With effort and determination, you can learn to control fears, gain confidence, and become a better fighter and person overall.

So stop procrastinating and finally step into the boxing gym, face your fears, and let the journey towards self-improvement begin.

Lead the charge to uncertainty, and watch it transform you into a confident, courageous individual ready to take on any challenge life throws your way. 

Boxing is more than a sport; it's a path to personal growth, self-discovery, and newfound bravery. 

It's a journey well worth taking for those seeking to break free from the shackles of fear and timidity.

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