Breakdown Of The Style That Even Canelo Couldn't Defeat

This is not some long post about Bivol's story. 

It’s not about what got him into boxing

And it's not about why he continues to fight

This is purely focused on HOW HE FIGHTS. It’s a study guide for you to know the main techniques, tips, and tricks

That is used by the WBA light heavyweight champion of the world

So you can start implementing aspects of his strategy into your own fighting style and increase your overall boxing IQ. 

So let's get into it…


Age - 32

Debut - November 28, 2014

Next Fight - Daniel Dubois 

Record - 21-0

KOs - 10 (52.4%)

Height - 183cm

Reach - 183cm

Stance - Orthodox

Dimitry Bivol's Key Traits

Strong Jab

At the core of Bivol's fighting style is his exceptional jab. He possesses a remarkable ability to snap his jab with precision and power. 

Bivol's jab is not merely a tool for measuring distance; it's a weapon that he uses to control the pace of the fight and keep his opponents at bay.

High Guard

Bivol is often seen with his hands held high, forming a tight guard around his face. 

This high guard provides him with solid defensive coverage, effectively blocking incoming punches and minimizing the damage from his opponents' attacks.

Fights off His Backfoot

Unlike aggressive fighters who constantly press forward, Bivol prefers to fight off his backfoot. 

He uses this defensive posture to lure his opponents into committing to their attacks, creating openings for counterattacks.

Pivots Left to Avoid Punches

Bivol's footwork is a key component of his defensive strategy. He frequently pivots to his left, effectively evading his opponents' punches and creating angles that make it difficult for them to land clean shots.

Strong Fundamental Boxing Skills

Bivol's success in the ring can be attributed to his strong foundation in fundamental boxing techniques. 

He adheres to the basics, ensuring that every punch he throws and every move he makes is precise and well-executed.

Jab-Centric Approach

Bivol boxing Style

Reliance on Jabs

Bivol's fights are characterized by his prolific use of the jab. 

It's not just a means to an end; it's a significant part of his offense

As he constantly peppers his opponents with jabs to maintain distance and establish control.

Building Combos from Jabs

Bivol is a master at working his combinations off his jabs. 

His jabs serve as a foundation upon which he constructs intricate combinations, catching his opponents off guard and preventing them from predicting his next move.

Using Jabs to Set Up Right-Hand

The main punch that Bivol will use his jab to set up for is his powerful right-hand punches. 

By keeping his opponents preoccupied with his jabs, he creates opportunities to unleash his devastating right hand with precision and force.

Mixing Up the Jab

Varying Jab Rhythm and Speed

Bivol's expertly varies the rhythm and speed of his jabs, keeping his opponents guessing and unable to anticipate his next move.

Distracting Opponents with Slow Jabs

Surprisingly, Bivol uses slow jabs as a tactical distraction. 

These deliberate, slower jabs are designed to throw off his opponent's timing and balance, setting the stage for his more impactful punches.

Pushing Opponents Off-balance

Bivol also uses his slower jabs to actually push his opponents off balance, creating opportunities to exploit their vulnerability.

Discipline and Emotionless Fighting

Bivol Emotionless Fighter

Staying Composed in the Ring

One of Bivol's most remarkable traits is his ability to remain composed and emotionless during fights. 

He doesn't get drawn into emotional battles and instead sticks to his game plan with unwavering focus.

Avoiding Traps and Temptations

Bivol's discipline extends to his defense as well. 

He resists the temptation to engage in unnecessary brawls or fall into traps set by his opponents, ensuring that he remains in control of the fight.

Combinations and Closing In

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Bivol's combinations are a thing of beauty. 

He often sets up his opponents with a jab-cross, followed by a powerful hook

However, he is constantly changing the levels of this combo from head to body. 

Most of the time he will throw all 3 to the head but he also likes to aim that cross at the body in order to drop their hands and make way for his explosive hook

High Guard Strategy to Tire Opponents

Bivol's high guard isn't just about defense; it's also a strategic tool. 

He uses it to bait his opponents into launching attacks, allowing them to tire themselves out while he remains composed and energy-efficient.

Cornering Opponents

As the fight progresses, Bivol strategically corners his opponents, limiting their mobility and options. 

He then launches a storm of punches, overwhelming them with a calculated barrage while exploiting any openings that he can find.

Moving Back and Circling Left

Bivol's tactical movement is crucial to his success. 

He moves backward, luring his opponents into following him until he reaches the ropes. 

Once there, he deftly circles to his left, avoiding danger and creating opportunities to counter.

Evolving Strategy Over the Fight

While the early rounds are dominated by his jabs, Bivol gradually introduces more varied combinations as the fight progresses, keeping his opponents guessing and adapting to his evolving strategy.


This fight breakdown focuses on the boxing style of Dimitry Bivol, 

Providing insights into the techniques, strategies, and tricks he uses in his professional career. 

While it doesn't delve into his personal background or motivations, I hope it gave you valuable information in a way that was easy to understand, so that you are able to incorporate his fighting style into your own repertoire. 

Personally, I have found his discipline and emotionless attitude the most helpful,

But I still recommend at least trying everything to see what you do like, what you don’t like, and what works best with your style

Because, at the end of the day, everyone's style is different and what works for one won't always work for another.

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