Tutorial: The Mic Release | Jump Rope Guide

We at Boxrope have heard your requests, 

Which is why we just released a quick and easy jump rope tutorial for everyone's favorite trick…

The Mic Release

Tutorial | The Mic Release

What Is This Trick

The Mic Release is a popular trick used by jump rope enthusiasts and influencers who want to make an impressive and entertaining reel.

I won’t tell you how to perform this trick (because that is what the tutorial is for),

But I will tell you that if you are always watching those jump rope reels and saying to yourself…

“I wish I knew how to do that”

Then you need to watch our latest reel so that you CAN actually learn how to do that,

Not only will it impress the other fighters in your gym… 

It will also make you look like a more experienced boxer WITHOUT even needing to improve your fighting capability

Where Can I Find This Reel

To find our latest tutorial you can either go to our Instagram page and click on our latest reel or check it out on our Youtube channel here. 

Simply Click Here and be directed straight to it.

Before You Go!!!

Before you go to our Instagram page to upgrade your jump rope abilities….

We just have 1 FAVOR to ask you,

If you do enjoy this reel and it does help you up your jump rope game(it will)...

Then feel free to comment on this blog post and let us know what other tricks you would like to see,

To help us up your game even further and make you look like an EVEN better fighter without actually improving your fighting skills. 

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