Am I Too Old To Start Boxing? - A Common Beginners Misconception

If you want to pick up boxing but find yourself in your late 20s or older, a common trope you might be telling yourself is "I would love to start but I might be too old?".

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Many people fear they are too far past their athletic prime to get into a sport like boxing where the consequences of training irresponsibly can be dire, including but not limited to, getting punched in the face... While this objection is common amongst aspiring pugilists older than the typical 8-year-old protege (read here our blog post about if boxing is safe for your kid), the truth is, boxing is for just about anyone!

Trainers and gym owners understand the importance of gearing a training session to fit the customer's needs, goals, and experience level. The last thing these trainers want to do is drive paying customers away because they want to force them into a dogfight sparring session on week two of training!

The Fear Of Starting Out!

The fear of picking up a serious injury when stepping into a boxing gym is mostly unfounded due to training being easily managed and controlled. Trainers will start beginners off (especially those who are up in age) with rudimentary training sessions that include basic drills with a partner, hitting pads, footwork exercises, and more.

Higher octane training methods such as sparring, heavy bag sprints, and intense cardio are usually reserved for those who have more experience and are aspiring to improve their skills for potential competition in the future. Remember, head trainers are not trying to scare off paying customers by moving them along too quickly, they will do whatever they can to cater to your needs and ensure the smoothest experience possible!

The Story Of Heather Hardy

This story is for those who want to step into a boxing gym and even a boxing ring in a competitive setting but have inhibitions holding them back, excuses they are telling themselves such as the ones we mentioned earlier.

Former WBO featherweight champion Heather Hardy had never strapped a boxing glove onto her hands until she hit age 28. She took up boxing as a means to feed her family, going through divorce as a single mom.

Hardy found solace in the boxing ring and realized the pinnacle of her career in August 2018 when she won her world championship at age 36. With that said, we understand Heather Hardy is an outlier, but the point remains, this story shows us that age is just a number when it comes to stepping foot into a boxing gym, anyone can do it as long as they set clear goals and train responsibly!

Walking Along The Path

For most, boxing will be an outlet to enhance mental clarity, meet new people, shed weight, and learn self-defense skills.

Those are all fantastic benefits this type of training can provide you no matter what age you are. The reality is, as long as you make your goals clear, your trainer will ensure the best experience possible for you.

Even for those who aspire to compete at an older age, the conventional path starts with controlled sparring sessions, and eventually progresses into amateur fights, the pace you move at is all up to you.


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