Jump Rope Mat (Consistency Mat)


As fun, as jumping rope can be…

It is no surprise that this activity puts a BRUTAL amount of pressure on your knees, shins, and ankles

That’s why we made this mat extremely shock absorbent…

So every time you land, the mat absorbs most of the STRESS for you

Allowing you to enjoy your workouts for longer periods with less pressure on your joints 

And less PAIN on your mind


      • The dimensions: 60''L x 30''W x 0.4''Th
      • Weight: 5.3 LBS

      US Shipping:

      Free shipping for all orders in the US 

      Regular shipping time to the US: 3 - 6 days 

      International Shipping:

      The Consistency Mat is only shipped within the USA.

      All our orders are sent out from our warehouses in California & Pennsylvania


      1. Made From Incredibly Tough Materials

      Doesn't matter whether you want to train in your garage, your driveway, or any of your favorite outdoor locations,

      Our mats are extremely durable, allowing you to GRIND anywhere, anytime, and most importantly…

      Without any excuses

      2. Ideal Weight For All Scenarios

      Our mats are light enough to easily carry when they are rolled up

      While also being just heavy enough to prevent any slipping or sliding when they are rolled out

      3. Perfect Your BoxRope

      Why not couple the perfect jump rope with the perfect jump rope mat

      To receive all of the benefits of both tools and give yourself the most efficient/stress-free workout imaginable

      Return On Your Investment

      Did you know that jumping rope on hard surfaces like concrete chips away at the rope, exponentially shrinking its life…

      And FORCING you to constantly purchase more ropes every couple months.

      So if you like to jump rope in areas with hard surfaces…

       Then using this mat can increase the life of your jump rope by up to 300%

      Potentially SAVING you more money on ropes than the cost of the mat itself


      LISTEN, we all experience times when we are stressed, exhausted, and under so much pressure that our brain feels like it's going to…


      Now I know that in those moments the voice inside your head gets louder…

      It begins whispering excuses that try to convince you to give in to your urges and take the coward's way out

      So how do you make sure that in your weakest moment, this voice never takes advantage of you?

      You just need a visual reminder…

      A visual reminder to make sure you can’t forget your goals, your dreams, and your passions

      To guarantee that you don’t give up, you don’t give in

      And You Stay CONSISTENT