What are the BoxRope Series?

In the BoxRope Series we want to extend the message & philosphy of BoxRope.


‘ The Sword is an extension of the Arm ‘

As swordsmans proclaim the weapon as a part of their body, our BoxRope aligns with the same statement.

We have built towards the idea that when an individual uses BoxRope, they become one entity. The BoxRope flows and follows the user’s mind. This idea is also strengthen by our handle’s design as well. The handle is wrapped by a secure tape to ensure a tighten grip, much like a fighter wrapping their hands to train.

Combining this philosophy, the BoxRope Vol. I was conceived.

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‘ No man is a failure who has friends '

It is without a doubt that professional boxing can be an isolating sport. Driven by the only will to be the best and defeat your opponents - many sacrifices will be made, including those that are close to you. A few hours of glory in exchange for many weeks of sweat & blood. It is quite a silent struggle.

However, in this series, we want to extend a helpful message. Even in your inner battles through thick & thin, trust in the companions that stand beside you.
Throughout history and now, the best fighters in the world always have a team & coach beside them.

From Mike Tyson with Cus D’Amato to Canelo Alvarez with Eddy Reynoso, you don’t have to spar alone. The relationship between the fighter and the coach is inspiring, with the right people, they can elevate you to greater heights.
And when you think you’re failing, remember that
no man is a failure who has friends.

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