What Is The Best Age To Start Boxing

As a team of boxers, we frequently encounter the question, "What age is best to start boxing?" 

Deciding the right age involves considering physical, emotional, and mental development. 

While there's no fixed age, starting younger gives more time to learn the sport during important growing years. It’s essential to assess readiness and maturity for a full-contact sport like boxing. Starting out doesn't mean jumping into physical aspects immediately; learning about boxing is crucial.

In this article, we'll explore the key factors to determine the best age to begin boxing, whether it's for training, competition, or fitness improvement. Let's look into what influences the decision of when to start this thrilling journey into the sweet science of boxing.

What Age Do Pros Start Training?

The age at which professional boxers begin their training varies greatly. 

Some, like Floyd Mayweather, started boxing as early as 6 years old, while others, such as Mike Tyson, began boxing around 13 years old - legends like Bernard Hopkins didn't start until their 20s. 

Talent is vital, but time spent in the ring and on training bags plays a significant role. 

Late starters can still succeed by fully committing to learning techniques in the gym and at home. Starting early offers advantages, allowing a strong foundation and a fresh perspective. However, late starters can avoid being "stuck in their ways" and embrace learning with enthusiasm.

In boxing, success isn't solely determined by age. Late starters can achieve greatness by dedicating themselves to the sport and continuous improvement. Though time might not be on their side, passion and perseverance can lead them to become boxing greats. Are you a late starter? It’s important to master the basics first, check out our mastering the basics guide here.

What Age Is Too Late To Start Boxing?

In boxing, it's never too late to start. 

While some argue that starting young may offer a competitive edge, boxing tournaments accommodate all age groups, leveling the playing field. Throughout history, some of the best boxers of all time emerged at various ages, breaking barriers. 

From prodigies who entered the ring at eight years old, displaying extraordinary talent, to late bloomers who commenced their careers in their late 20s, and even those who discovered their passion for boxing at 40 years old or beyond. This rich history of diverse boxing champions underscores the fact that there is no age considered too old to embrace this sport. 

Dedication, determination, and a burning passion for boxing are what truly matter, irrespective of age. Whether you're a young enthusiast or someone who yearns to try boxing later in life, seize the opportunity and embrace the journey that awaits in the noble art of boxing.

What Is The Most Ideal Age To Start Boxing?

The most suitable age to begin boxing is subjective and depends on an individual's mental and physical capabilities, as well as their readiness to commit to the sport - because it is a commitment.

Initiating any sport at a very young age, such as during childhood or teenage years, offers a significant advantage in establishing a solid foundation and developing essential technical skills. 

This early involvement allows individuals to grasp discipline, coordination, and physical fitness intrinsic to the sport. However, ensuring the safety and well-being of the individual takes precedence when introducing them to a new sport, especially the combat sport of boxing. If you’re worried about whether boxing is safe at an early age, read our full in-depth article here.

It is essential to train at a reputable gym or facility with experienced coaches who teach age-appropriate training techniques. This approach ensures that individuals progress in boxing based on their age and gradually acquaints them with more full-contact aspects when they are prepared.

Ultimately, deciding the right age to start boxing necessitates thoughtful consideration and consultation with trainers, coaches, parents, or guardians. A supportive environment is crucial to enable individuals to thrive physically and emotionally throughout their boxing journey.


The best age to commence boxing will always remain subjective and depends on the individual. 

If you’re looking to start boxing, do your diligence and research to determine if boxing is the right fit for you, and assess your mental and physical capacities before joining a boxing gym. With the proper approach and a supportive learning environment, your journey toward boxing success will be bright.

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