Use Dopamine To Rewire Your Brain And Become More Driven As A Man

What is dopamine

Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that has a key role in making us feel good when we accomplish something. 

It acts as a messenger, sending signals between brain cells and triggering feelings of pleasure and motivation. 

When we engage in enjoyable activities or achieve our goals, dopamine is released, reinforcing those behaviors and making us want to repeat them. 

It's like a reward system in our brains, encouraging us to seek out positive experiences and pursue our desires.

How does it cause addiction and habits?

So dopamine is the drug that helps us stick to our goals and pursue things in our life that will bring us happiness

However, dopamine and its effects are a double-edged sword.

When an activity or substance increases dopamine levels in your brain, it can create a pleasurable sensation and a sense of excitement.

This sensation and excitement is the driving force that makes you want to repeat the activity or take more of the substance.

Over time if this activity or substance is repeated consistently and it is constantly leading to an increase in dopamine then this is when a new habit/addiction is born. 

This is because our brain associates the heightened dopamine levels with pleasure and reward, creating a reinforcing loop. 

However, certain unhealthy habits/addictions can cause our dopamine to spike higher than usual

And if the effects make your dopamine levels go up too high for a short period of time then once the effects wear off, your brain receives a dopamine crash 

This is why you often feel worthless and pathetic after completing certain unhealthy actions or taking certain substances.

Plus this deficit will later lead to stronger cravings for the substance or behavior that will convince you to repeat this action in order to feel the original high, 

However, what you fail to realize is that the high you receive will gradually decrease over time. 

So as you continue to repeat the behavior, your dopamine levels deplete further causing the high to feel less satisfying and the crash to feel more depressing.

This depletion of dopamine is one of the fundamental principles that is used to explain addiction in today's society.

The next step is your attempt to recapture that initial peak dopamine hit by increasing the amount of the substance you consume or intensifying the addictive behavior. 

But unfortunately, this only causes greater dopamine depletion and stronger levels of mental health issues

This cycle of chasing the original pleasure becomes increasingly difficult to break and can often feel unbreakable from the point of view of the addict.

If this is you then you probably suffer from depression and you are most likely unaware of how you can break out of this cycle and start forming new habits.

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Purpose and pleasure-driven man

So now we know what dopamine is and how it explains addiction but how exactly is this relevant to the people who don’t suffer from things like drug abuse or alcoholism

Well, those are examples of extreme addictions but everyone has bad habits on a smaller scale

And some of these habits like social media addiction or binge-watching may be hurting you a lot more than you are led to believe

It can all be explained by identifying and understanding the 2 forms of dopamine release

These 2 types can also be used to describe the 2 types of men that exist in this world

These 2 forms are short-term dopamine(the pleasure-driven man), and long-term dopamine(the purpose-driven man)

And the rest of this blog post will help you decide which one you want to identify yourself as.

Pleasure Driven Man

The Pleasure Driven Man thrives on seeking immediate sources of pleasure and gratification. 

Satisfying their craving for instant rewards becomes the primary focus, driving impulsive decision-making and the constant pursuit of pleasurable experiences. 

While they may feel temporary enjoyment, behind the curtain they are suffering from addiction and encounter significant mental plus physical health problems.

The pleasure-driven man is a slave to short-term dopamine

But it is understandable as this type of dopamine can be easily triggered by a range of stimuli that have become increasingly accessible in today's society. 

Activities such as indulging in junk food, engaging in social media, smoking, pursuing and experiencing sexual encounters, using drugs or alcohol, watching television, participating in gambling, and even various apps and games on our phones can all contribute to short-term dopamine release.

These short-term dopamine releases make him happy and content with his life despite him not doing anything worth value.

The desire for instant gratification can become all-consuming, leading to a lack of discipline and negative impacts on his finance, health, relationships, and every other aspect of life. 

In summary, the Pleasure Driven Man is motivated by the pursuit of short-term dopamine release, seeking instant gratification and pleasure. 

While this drive can be enticing due to the simplicity and lack of effort required, it is important to be aware of the potential consequences in virtually every aspect of your life.

How being a pleasure-driven man affects your boxing

If you happen to do boxing and consider yourself a pleasure-driven man then I must warn you, unless you change your ways, 

You won't go anywhere in boxing

Because if you spend your time mindlessly scrolling through social media or spend long periods binge-watching Netflix

Just to give yourself an immediate and pointless dopamine boost.

Then when its time to fight, you match up against someone who wakes up early, trains twice a day, and spends all his time watching videos of how to improve his own boxing

You won’t stand a chance

Because you must understand that everything comes with a cost, even if you’re not aware of the cost

And all this instant dopamine is going to make other, healthier forms of dopamine release, (like training, running, and studying)

Seem less interesting and less rewarding in the short term, 

Consequently, your motivation to work hard in training and maintain a strict diet can vanish, as the satisfaction derived from these activities is depleted.

Plus, even if you manage to find the motivation to persevere and continue boxing, 

The excessive short-term dopamine release associated with instant gratification can have detrimental effects on your performance. 

Due to the desensitization of dopamine receptors, you will need to exert more mental effort to achieve the same level of output as before. 

This increased mental strain can lead to difficulties in concentration and maintaining optimal performance during the longer and high-output training sessions.

Additionally, the reduced dopamine response resulting from workouts can ruin your overall enjoyment and drive to continue boxing. 

This decreased satisfaction will dampen your enthusiasm and potentially hinder your long-term commitment to the sport.

Given the significant impact of dopamine release on boxing performance and mental health, it becomes crucial to consider strategies for controlling and regulating dopamine levels. 

So what are these strategies and how can you consistently regulate your dopamine levels?

Purpose Driven Man

The Man With Purpose | BoxRope

Before I tell you that, let's discuss the other, opposite form of dopamine release and how it is represented in the purpose-driven man.

The Purpose-Driven Man recognizes the limitations of seeking immediate pleasure and instead focuses on long-term dopamine and meaningful fulfillment. 

Long-term dopamine is the feeling of prolonged satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from delaying immediate gratification and making choices that lead to greater rewards and a deeper sense of purpose.

So, rather than being driven by instant gratification, this individual seeks purpose and a sense of accomplishment in their actions and endeavors.

The Purpose-Driven Man understands that true fulfillment comes from setting meaningful goals, pursuing passions, and making a positive impact in the world. 

They prioritize activities that align with their values and contribute to their personal growth and the well-being of others.

Rather than relying on short-term dopamine hits, the Purpose-Driven Man seeks out activities that provide a lasting sense of satisfaction. 

They engage in pursuits such as personal development, education, building meaningful relationships, pursuing creative endeavors, and contributing to their community.

This individual understands that long-term dopamine release is associated with achieving significant milestones, overcoming challenges, and experiencing personal growth. 

They recognize that delayed gratification can lead to greater rewards and a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment.

The Purpose-Driven Man is not driven solely by external validation or immediate pleasure but rather by internal motivation and a strong sense of purpose. 

They prioritize their overall well-being, including their mental, emotional, and physical health, as they understand that these factors are crucial in achieving long-term happiness.

By focusing on long-term dopamine and purpose-driven actions, individuals can create a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

They can experience a deeper sense of satisfaction and contentment that goes beyond the temporary pleasure associated with short-term gratification.

In summary, the Purpose-Driven Man recognizes the limitations of seeking immediate pleasure and instead prioritizes long-term dopamine release through meaningful actions and a sense of purpose. 

By doing so, they cultivate a more fulfilling and purposeful life that extends beyond temporary gratification.

Repairing dopamine receptors to become a purpose-driven man?

If at this point, you decide that you want to remain a pleasure driven man and live your life on short and meaningless dopamine hit

Then don’t bother reading this section

However, if you like the idea of becoming a purpose-driven man and are willing to fight your short-term urges to achieve long-term success then

Here are the 2 best ways to repair your dopamine receptors and become a purpose-driven man.


The most effective way to repair your dopamine receptors is through practicing delayed gratification. 

By forcing yourself to work for your dopamine rewards, you can strengthen your receptors and become less distracted by pointless forms of gratification. 

For instance, if you find yourself constantly indulging in activities that provide instant dopamine gratification, such as watching TV or using social media, 

Consider implementing a dopamine fast. 

This involves setting specific times during the day when you allow yourself to engage in these activities, rather than constantly seeking them out. 

For example,  you could only let yourself watch 1 hour of tv a day or tell yourself that there is no watching tv before 8 pm

So you can still enjoy the experience but you know that you have control over it as opposed to it having control over you.

Similarly, if you have a craving for something like chocolate, challenge yourself to stick to your diet for a certain number of days before allowing yourself to enjoy that treat.

Consistency is key when it comes to repairing dopamine receptors

Engaging in regular and consistent actions, regardless of your current motivation, will strengthen your dopamine system. 

And on top of minimizing the bad habits, you also have to reinforce the good ones.

These healthy habits can include exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, managing your sleep patterns, and practicing meditation. 

By incorporating these activities into your daily routine, you provide a steady flow of dopamine-related rewards to your brain, encouraging the repair of dopamine receptors over time and improving your ability to delay gratification.

Don’t Stack Your Chips

Another important factor in repairing dopamine receptors is to avoid stacking multiple forms of dopamine release. 

For example, if you enjoy watching TV, eating junk food, and drinking alcohol,

Try to avoid doing all three of these at the same time

Because when you stack multiple sources of dopamine, it leads to a higher peak of dopamine release, which ultimately results in a bigger crash. 

This can intensify cravings and make your healthy habits less interesting in the long run. 

To enhance your enjoyment of specific activities, such as working out, try engaging in them without additional sources of dopamine release. 

For example, you may be going to the gym, blasting your own music, drinking your favorite energy drink, and enjoying your favorite pre-workout snack.

Now you may be thinking “But each of those things helps me train harder”. 

In the short term, but the moment you try to train without one of those items, your dopamine levels won't be as high 

And so you won't be motivated to train as hard as if you only relied on just the workout for dopamine.

By relying solely on the activity itself for dopamine, you can strengthen your receptors and increase your satisfaction with the experience.

While these changes may initially present a challenge, adapting to them will bring greater satisfaction in the long run. 

So even though repairing dopamine receptors requires conscious effort and a commitment to breaking unhealthy patterns. 

By incorporating delayed gratification, consistency in healthy actions, and avoiding the stacking of dopamine sources, you can help repair your dopamine receptors 

And truly become the purpose-driven man that you aspire to be.

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Sometimes You Forget To Be Disciplined

Sometimes when we are mentally drained, physically exhausted, and just had enough

We can forget about our goals and give in to these instant forms of gratification

It’s hard to say no when the delicious cake is right in front of you or when you have to slowly walk past the soft couch while your legs are begging you to sit down

Sometimes our motivation is not enough and our discipline can be caught off guard

This is why we need a constant reminder of what matters most to us

Something that keeps us consistent 

And reminds us that all of this pain and hard work is temporary 

And if we just keep going 

And continue day after day

Then we will achieve our goals with all of the satisfaction that comes with it

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