This is not some long post about Vasiliy Lomachenko's story. 

It’s not about what got him into boxing

And it's not about why he continues to fight

This is purely focused on HOW HE FIGHTS. It’s a study guide for you to know the main techniques, tips, and tricks

That is used by the 3 weight-class world champion

So you can start implementing aspects of his strategy into your own fighting style and increase your overall boxing IQ. 

So let's get into it…


Age - 35

Debut - October 12, 2013

Next Fight - Unannounced 

Record - 17-3

KOs - 11 (55%)

Height - 170cm

Reach - 166cm

Stance - Southpaw

Unorthodox Stance and High Guard

Lomachenko adopts a southpaw stance with a high guard. What makes is southpaw stance unique to other southpaws

Is the fact that Lomachenko is actually right handed

He does this because having your strong hand as your lead hand actually gives you a more powerful and accurate jab 

Which you will later see is one of the most creative punches in his arsenal.

As for his stance and high guard, 

This positioning not only grants him a unique angle of attack but also enhances the power and precision of his punches while preserving his balance and agility. 

However, Lomachenko must remain mindful of potential drawbacks, including susceptibility to leg-targeted attacks and upper-body fatigue from sustaining the high guard. 

To optimize his approach and minimize risks, Lomachenko must maintain situational awareness, adapting his stance and guard based on evolving circumstances in the ring, ensuring a well-rounded and effective performance.

So keep reading to find out exactly how he is able to do all of the points mentioned in the sentence above.

Misdirection for Success

Lomachenko employs a deceptive jab technique that provides him a strategic edge in his boxing matches. 

This technique involves skillfully maneuvering his lead hand by circling in and moving it up and down in between jabs in order to distract his opponent. 

While his opponent is focusing on Lomas's lead hand, Lomachenko is sneaking his front foot forward and to the outside of his opponent's front foot 

So that when the time is right Lomachenko can either throw a powerful left hand or he can angle out to his right and attack his opponent from the newly created angle.

By positioning himself at this advantageous angle, he maximizes the impact and accuracy of his punch while minimizing the opponent's ability to counter. 

However, Lomachenko must remain vigilant about maintaining a strong defensive posture and avoiding predictability, ensuring that he carefully integrates the deceptive jab into his overall boxing strategy alongside other techniques to effectively capitalize on confusion and openings while mitigating the risk of counterattacks.

Faints, Feints, and Mental Warfare

Lomachenko employs a strategic technique of feinting to gain a competitive edge in the ring.

Through meticulously timed simulated movements like subtle shoulder dips or nuanced head shifts, he baits responses from opponents, disrupting their rhythm and creating openings for Loma to take advantage of later in the fight. 

These calculated feints offer multiple benefits such as…

  • Confusing adversaries
  • Applying mental pressure
  • Prompting defensive hesitations

And making his opponents comfortable with him performing these movements so they aren't as quick to react on the real attack. 

However, Lomachenko must balance feints with genuine attacks to prevent predictability, while also ensuring precise execution so he doesn’t show his opponents his own openings. 

His mastery of feints showcases strategic judgment and technical prowess, allowing him to control bouts and seize victory opportunities through well-crafted deception within the dynamic realm of boxing.

Soft Jabs and Unpredictable Combinations

Lomachenko employs a strategic and calculated approach to his boxing style, beginning with soft jabs that serve as range finders and rhythm builders. 

He adeptly observes his opponent's responses, using this keen analysis to identify moments of hesitation or vulnerability. 

Suddenly accelerating, he launches rapid combinations that capitalize on his opponent's uncertainty, effectively disrupting their rhythm and maintaining control of the pace. 

This method not only conserves his energy but also increases his chances of landing precise and effective blows. 

However, Lomachenko must remain cautious of becoming too predictable with his accelerations, ensuring he maintains a balance between observation and proactive engagement to avoid being caught off guard. 

In essence, Lomachenko's boxing strategy exemplifies a skillful fusion of patience, precision, and calculated risk-taking, allowing him to navigate the complexities of the ring with a strategic edge.

Dominance Through Positioning

Lomachenko also employs a captivating technique known as angle changes to gain a strategic edge over opponents during matches. 

These angle changes are a seamless combination of footwork and upper-body movement

Where Lomachenko steps diagonally while synchronizing his whole body forward and to the side of his opponents 

Creating a new angle where his opponent is extremely vulnerable while Loma is safe from any attacks

This approach reaps many benefits such as forcing opponents to shift stances, opening avenues for well-timed counterpunches, 

And keeping challengers perpetually off balance so he is easily able to land attacks. 

However, Lomachenko must tread carefully to avert potential setbacks like overcommitting to angle changes that expose him to swift counters. 

In essence, Lomachenko's masterful execution of angle changes through intricate coordination offers both a tactical advantage and a calculated risk, allowing him to dictate fight pace and exploit opponent vulnerabilities while demanding vigilant awareness to ensure his technique remains a potent asset.

Forearm Control and Psychological Edge

Vasyl Lomachenko's defensive brilliance transcends conventional techniques, as he strategically employs his lead forearm to masterfully control his opponents, disrupting their rhythm and curtailing their options. 

Here are a few ways that he incorporates his forearms into his fighting style…

The first way he uses it is by leaving his hand out after he jabs. 

Sometimes when Loma jabs and he can see that his opponent is going to counter straight away, he will leave his hand out 

And tuck his head behind his shoulder in order to obstruct his opponent's punch which protects him while he either counters or moves off straight after.

The second thing that Loma will do is grab their hand right after they punch.

This time it happens after his opponent jabs and as soon as Loma can see that his hand is extended, he takes the opportunity to wrap his own hand around his opponent's extended punch and simultaneously angle to the side 

In order to throw them off balance, make them unable to throw, and also show his physical dominance which can be intimidating in some scenarios.

Finally, the third thing he does is use his forearm to lean on opponents who rush in. 

Often his opponents will try to apply pressure and rush into Lomachenko and so Loma deals with this by getting their head down before he gets his forearm on the back of their neck and drops his weight into it

Which actually tires out his opponents, makes them unable to throw, and also shows physical dominance.

By integrating the lead forearm into his defensive repertoire, Lomachenko gains a tactical edge, unsettling his opponent's rhythm, reducing vulnerability to significant damage, and seamlessly transitioning between defense and offense. 

However, Lomachenko must remain cautious not to overextend his lead forearm, leaving himself open to counterpunches, and strike a balance between its use and maintaining a solid guard. 

Additionally, he must judiciously assess the impact of taunts and deceptions, making sure they do not lead to strategic errors if his opponent remains composed. 

Continual adaptation and vigilant observation of his opponent's adjustments are crucial for Lomachenko to sustain his effective defensive strategy.

Calculated Gambits

Finally, Vasyl Lomachenko employs a tactical approach that revolves around manipulating his guard to lure opponents into attacking, thereby creating opportunities for swift and precise counterattacks. 

Lomachenko's mastery lies in intentionally altering his guard's position during a match, skillfully presenting deliberate openings that tempt adversaries into launching attacks, ultimately playing into his hands. 

This strategic manipulation of his guard offers Lomachenko several advantages such as…

  • Dictating the fight's pace
  • Capitalizing on opponents' vulnerabilities
  • Making opponents gunshy

And disrupting their game plan through calculated risk. 

However, executing this strategy necessitates acute awareness to avoid being hit. For example…

He must accurately gauge distance, and time his counters impeccably while maintaining defensive reflexes and footwork to capitalize on opponents' mistakes without overexposing himself. 


This fight breakdown focuses on the boxing style of Vasiliy Lomachenko, 

Providing insights into the techniques, strategies, and tricks he uses in his professional career. 

While it doesn't delve into his personal background or motivations, I hope it gave you valuable information in a way that was easy to understand, so that you are able to incorporate his fighting style into your own repertoire. 

Personally, I have found tricks used when he throws his jab the most useful,

But I still recommend at least trying everything to see what you do like, what you don’t like, and what works best with your style

Because, at the end of the day, everyone's style is different and what works for one won't always work for another.

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