Mastering the Basics: The Importance of a Proper Boxing Stance

Boxing is a sport that requires a combination of physical strength, speed, and technique. One of the most fundamental aspects of boxing is the stance, which serves as the foundation for all punches and defensive maneuvers.

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Importance of a proper boxing stance 

First and foremost, a proper boxing stance allows a boxer to generate maximum power and speed in their punches. When the body is correctly aligned, it allows the boxer to transfer power from their legs, through the hips, and into their punches. This leads to more powerful and effective strikes, which makes a significant difference in a fight.

A proper stance also allows for better balance and mobility. A boxer who has a proper stance will be able to move quickly and smoothly, making it easier to dodge punches and counter with their own strikes. You already know the basics of boxing? Check out this blog post to get on the next level 

How a proper boxing stance looks like 

Feet position

To achieve a proper boxing stance, a boxer should stand with their feet shoulder-width apart and slightly turned out. The lead foot should be slightly back, with the heel of the back foot slightly off the ground. The boxer should then bend their knees and keep their weight on the balls of their feet.

Body position: 

The upper body should be slightly leaned forward with the chin tucked down and the elbows close to the body. The fists should be held up in front of the face, with the lead hand more forward and the rear hand on the chin. It's important to note that a proper stance is not a static position, but rather a dynamic one that allows for movement and adjustments.


Boxers should always be ready to move and adjust their stance as needed, depending on the situation in the ring.

Difference between Orthodox & Southpaw:

Orthodox Stance: 

An orthodox stance is the most common stance in boxing, where the boxer's dominant hand is their right hand and their left hand is forward. This means that the boxer will be standing with their left foot forward, and their right foot behind.

Southpaw Stance:

On the other hand, a southpaw stance is when the boxer's dominant hand is their left hand and their right hand is forward. This means that the boxer will be standing with their right foot forward, and their left foot behind. Southpaw boxers have an advantage of surprising opponents with their dominant hand since most boxer are trained to fight against orthodox stance. 

Which boxing stance is better?

Both of these stances have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and it ultimately comes down to the individual boxer's personal preference and fighting style. Orthodox fighters are more adept at traditional techniques such as the jab and straight right hand, while southpaws have a more powerful left hand and unorthodox angles like Lomachenko. 

In conclusion, a proper boxing stance is essential for generating power, speed, balance, and mobility in a fight. By mastering the basics and developing a solid stance, boxers can set themselves up for success in the ring. Practice and repetition are key to developing a proper stance, so make sure to take the time to perfect it in training.


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