How To Dominate Your Opponent Before The Fight Even Starts

Last week, I released a post titled…

‘The 4 Non-Verbal Signs That Your Opponent Is Gassed’

In this, I basically explain all the cues that can signal fatigue so that you can not only spot when your opponent is weak…

But also know how to hide your own feelings of weakness.

This week I am going to do the opposite…

By telling you all of the ways you can convince your opponent that you are strong and confident…

Without saying a single word


Are You Really Confident?

The great thing about this guide is that you don’t actually need to be confident.

This post is going to show you all of the ways to convey confidence regardless of what you are actually feeling inside of your mind.

After all, your opponent doesn't actually know you’re nervous, and the only way he can figure it out…

Is by reading your body language. 

So by learning to mask your true feelings and appear confident, you can deceive your opponent into thinking you are 100% sure of yourself,

While simultaneously making him unsure about himself.

Confidence In Control

You need to understand that confidence itself comes from your ability to know what will happen in the future. 

Because doubt can only be sourced from the unknown. 

So the trick is to make your confidence completely reliant on your ability to push yourself.

This is because your effort is the one thing that you can actually control in the fight, 

So it doesn't matter if you have a slow start, 

It doesn’t matter if the opponent lands a lucky punch, 

All that matters is you keep going.

By making your confidence dependent on your ability to push yourself instead of your ability to win fights, you remove any aspect that is out of your control, 

Meaning that your confidence can remain unshaken throughout the entire fight, regardless of the circumstances.

What Are The Cues?

Know that you understand why you need the confidence and the true nature of the message you are conveying…

Here are the body language cues that you need to dominate your opponent before the fight even starts.

Straight Posture

  • Stand tall 
  • Shoulders rolled back
  • Chest sticking out 
  • Chin facing up

Take Up More Space

  • Standing with feet apart
  • Hands by your side
  • Elbows sticking out
  • Avoid being too obvious

Stay relaxed

  • Keep movement slow and controlled
  • Slight confident smile, not tight or forced
  • Can also just have a straight face
  • Shoulders down
  • No fidgeting
  • No twitching
  • No tensing 


  • Keep attention on one thing at a time
  • Slow movements before the fight
  • Don’t react quickly to noises 

Eye Contact

  • Hold eye contact
  • The first to look away loses
  • Remain relaxed with the contact
  • If you struggle with this, then stare at their nose
  • Don’t turn your head, follow with your eyes

Internal Dialogue

  • You can fake confidence but you need to also convince yourself
  • No doubts can be allowed
  • Negative thoughts need to be exterminated immediately
  • Talk yourself up in your head
  • Focus on your ability to work hard as a sense of control


In conclusion, learning how to show confidence without speaking can be a powerful tool, especially in boxing. 

Unlike the last post, when we talked about non-verbal signs that your opponent is tired and weak, 

In this post, we're looking at the opposite…

Which are the non-verbal signs that make you seem confident and strong. 

Because it doesn't matter how confident you actually are when your opponent can only judge you on how confident you make yourself appear.

So by paying attention to things like how you stand, move, and think, you can create an image of strong confidence. 

Strong confidence that subconsciously intimidates your opponent, helping you dominate them before the fight even starts. 

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