Conquer Failure: A Guide to Becoming a Successful Man

Comfort vs Conquest

Since the dawn of time, there have always been 2 types of men. 

Men who seek comfort and men who seek to conquer

We have mentioned this in previous blog posts, except I referred to them as pleasure and purpose-driven men (see suggested post 1 at the end of this post)

The men who seek comfort Prioritize a peaceful existence, aiming to minimize risks and avoid challenges. 

However, amidst this pursuit of comfort, there are always those who possess an innate desire to conquer. 

These individuals thrive on pushing boundaries, embracing discomfort, and actively seeking out opportunities for growth and achievement. 

While comfort may provide a sense of security, it is the conquerors who achieve greatness, fueled by their relentless pursuit of winning and an insatiable hunger for success.

So whether you want to become a pro boxer, give up alcohol, get better in social situations, or achieve anything of significance

You have to make changes to yourself and stop seeking comfort 

Ignore Emotions

The first step to becoming a man of conquest is understanding that emotions aren’t real.

This is why every motivational speaker on the planet is now telling you to forget about motivation and become disciplined 

Because while emotions are undeniably a part of being human, it is important to recognize that they are not an accurate reflection of reality

Emotions often cloud your judgment and try to make you fall victim to temptation. 

These victims are those who seek comfort and allow their emotions to dictate their actions, opting for the easy way out. 

However, true conquerors understand the need to control emotions and make decisions based on a deeper understanding of their goals and ambitions.

They understand that emotions, though powerful, should not dictate their actions or hold them back from achieving greatness.

This means learning they must detach from emotional impulses and instead operate with a clear, rational mindset. 


But how exactly are we supposed to think with a rational and clear mind?

Well, to truly rise above the influence of emotions, it is essential to replace them with a solid foundation of guiding principles. 

Principles that you truly believe are right and you will not break no matter what.

These principles act as beacons of clarity in moments of uncertainty, enabling you to make rational choices aligned with your long-term vision. 

By adhering to these principles, you can remain focused, consistent, and resilient, even in the face of adversity.

So when times get tough and you feel like giving in to temptations, you can look at yourself and say “No, that's not who I am” as you endure the pain and fight through the struggle.

If you're not about exactly what principles you should have

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Ignore Emotions

Control Your Fear

The next shift you need to make is controlling your fear and changing how you see yourself

Because change is scary and you will have to do things that scare you. 

But what matters most is that you control your fear and keep fighting 

As opposed to letting the fear control you so that you never fight and achieve nothing in life

Mike Tyson coach Cus D’Amato explains the idea of fear best when he states…

 “The hero and the coward both feel the same thing, but the hero uses his fear, projects it onto his opponent, while the coward runs.”

This tells you that the fear you are experiencing isn't actually a bad thing and you can either 

Run away and spend the rest of your days being a loser who watches TV all day while he endlessly scrolls through social media.

Or you can gather that fear and use it as an endless source of energy that allows you to continue until the fight is done, you have achieved everything there is to achieve

And you’re ready to embark on your next conquest.

But What If I Can’t Win?

First of all, if you are asking this question then you’ve already lost

Instead of telling yourself  “I can't do this” you need to change the way you see yourself.

Because one of the main things that make the conquest man, the conquest man is his belief that he truly is a conquest man. 

The Point is, you need pure self-confidence that you are the conquest man with complete control over your mind.

Now this does take time and to get to a point of 100% confidence, you will need a list of achievements as receipts to the claim

However, the first step is changing what is said in your own mind 

For example instead of saying  “I can't do this” ask yourself “How can I do this?”. This is one of the first quotes by Robert Kiyosaki in his book rich dad, poor dad. 

Where he then explains how saying “I can't do this’ makes you accept reality and shut your brain off. While saying “How can I do this” forces your brain to switch on and start to think of ways to conquer.

If you want to learn more about ways of seeing yourself and improving self-confidence then the best person to learn from, in my opinion, 

Is The Notorious Conor McGregor

In fact, one of my favorite quotes of all time is when he says “I fear no man, if you breathe oxygen, it’s fair game”

This quote is great because it says that even though he may be better, he is still human and so I can beat him

This is exactly what you need to think/believe as you are facing difficult opponents and overcoming any form of struggle.

Excuses To Stop Telling Yourself

The point I am trying to make is that you cannot win the fight against others until you win the fight against yourself.

Now we’ve already discussed fear and doubt 

But the next big obstacle is laziness and laziness is by far the worst one out of the 3 

Because laziness attacks you when you're at your weakest and has extremely subtle ways of getting you to give in to temptation.

These subtle ways are disguised as excuses that justify your laziness and make you feel good until after you’re left with the consequences of your action

So here are examples of the most commonly used excuses and why you should not give in to them…

When Building Habits

I don't have the time

Time management is a common challenge, but it's crucial to remember that we all have the same 24 hours in a day. 

You need to reflect on your priorities, evaluate how you currently spending your time, and begin scheduling your days so that you know how much time you actually have. 

I see so many people say this excuse when in reality they spend hours on social media, hours watching tv, and even more hours doing pointless things that do nothing for them.

You don’t always need to do things that help your goals and you can dedicate time to relaxing and enjoying life

But you can’t let pointless pleasure get in the way of your goals and you need to be consciously aware of how much time actually is dedicated to these activities.

I'll start when the time is right

The right time will never come, so stop wasting it

Instead of waiting for the perfect time to start, just start doing something. 

Clear up your schedule, find priorities, and even if you dont have much time, taking small actions now is always better than waiting indefinitely. 

So break your goals down into manageable tasks and start working on them, even if it's just a small step forward. 

Remember, Small steps every day will add up to big results over time.

I get too easily distracted

You know the answer to this.

Go somewhere so that you are alone, your phone is out of sight and there is nothing that can catch your attention.

And if that isn’t a possibility due to your situation then you are just going to have to man up and force yourself to focus until the job is done.

Now you can cultivate self-discipline by practicing mindfulness and building habits that promote focus and concentration. 

But the most important thing you need to understand is


When Breaking Habits

Just 1 time 

Believing that you can control yourself after indulging in a habit one more time is a trap. 

Temptation and emotion will always impair your self-control, and giving in even once reinforces the cycle of dependency. 

Recognize that if you give in, you may not have the ability to stop at “just one”

And saying NO after a taste of it will always be more difficult

This is the last time

Similar to the previous trap, believing that you can quit after one final indulgence is a fallacy. 

Acknowledge that you cannot control yourself once you give in, and fully commit to eliminating the habit.

Forgetting the true solution

During challenging times, it's easy to believe that the only way to alleviate withdrawal symptoms or difficulties is by engaging in the habit itself. 

However, it's crucial to remember that the habit is the cause of these symptoms, not the solution. 

Push through the discomfort and remind yourself that the light at the end of the tunnel is achieved by staying committed to positive change.


In conclusion, those who seek greatness are the conquerors, not the ones who prioritize comfort. 

To become a conqueror, it is crucial to embrace discomfort, push boundaries, and actively seek growth and achievement. Which is done by ignoring the influence of emotions and making decisions based on your principles and long-term aspirations. 

Only by breaking free from the cycle of comfort and following the correct principles, will you gain the confidence and assurance to finally see yourself as…

A Man Of Conquest

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