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Hello Boxrope Community

For those who dont know me, my name is Lorenz and I am the founder/CEO of Boxrope

Now this blog post isn't your ordinary blog post because today is actually a very special day

Today is the day that I announce and release, Boxrope's new E-book titled…

“20 Workouts That Every Fighter Must Use To Get Optimal Results Out Of Their Jump Rope”

What Is The E-book

This E-book is not your standard FREE workout guide that some guy took 2 hours to smack together in an attempt to make you feel special

What this E-book actually is…

Is a list of 20 jump rope workouts, each of which, has been tailor-made in order to give you specific results that effectively translate over to your ability to fight

So whether you are an absolute beginner who is still building confidence in your ability to skip

Or a seasoned professional who is dedicated to optimizing every aspect of your workout

This free guide will help you get the most out of your jump rope workouts to give you the highest results for the time and effort that already spend using your jump rope.

Where to find it

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What Type Of Workouts Are Included

The workouts that I have placed inside of this guide are all different and all depend on your individual goals.

What Goals?

Well, after doing copious amounts of research, I found that there were 10 specific goals that were most important in determining how and why boxers use jump ropes

The big problem though was that people weren't exactly sure how to achieve these goals using their jump ropes

And I could tell that most of their knowledge didn't come from real boxing trainers

Instead, their knowledge came from YouTubers and TikTok stars who either knew a lot about skipping but nothing about boxing

Or just had no idea about either and were simply telling everyone the things they wanted to hear

Instead of the truth they needed to hear

This workout guide does not do this, in fact, all of these methods have been approved by real boxers 

And these workouts will take you to the next level of physical performance if you are willing to put in the level of effort that it takes to get the most out of these specific goal-driven workouts.

What Are The Specific Goals?

1. First Getting Started

I understand that building confidence in skipping can be a formidable hurdle for many

Which is why my workouts have been purposefully structured to help beginners find their rhythm, refine their timing, and enhance their coordination. 

2. Warm-ups

Some folks might not be super excited about jump rope but still want something to get their heart rate up and avoid getting hurt. 

For those people, these warm-up exercises I've put together offer a perfect solution for them. 

These routines not only kickstart your physical activity but also suit those looking for an easy way to prolong their athletic career by avoiding simple injuries. 


It's not uncommon for boxers to find their arms and feet tiring out quickly during intense sparring sessions. 

These specialized workouts are here to help. 

They've been carefully crafted to build the stamina and endurance necessary to stay strong and focused in the ring. 

While the emphasis is on enhancing boxing performance, these exercises can be beneficial to anyone looking to enhance their overall endurance, whether for sports or everyday life. 

By incorporating these routines into your training, you'll be better equipped to go the distance in the ring and beyond, ensuring that fatigue doesn't stand in your way of success.

4. Footwork

Being able to glide and stay light on your feet is a fundamental aspect of successful boxing. 

These workouts have been designed with precision to help you improve your agility and footwork, ensuring that you can move swiftly and gracefully around the ring during your fights. 

While these exercises primarily target boxers, they can benefit anyone looking to enhance their overall mobility and grace. 

By integrating these routines into your training regimen, you'll be better equipped to master the art of maneuvering the ring with finesse, a skill that can make all the difference in your boxing performance.

5. Coordination and Timing

In the boxing ring, the synchronization of your hands and feet can be the key to success, resulting in shorter reaction times that give you the edge in a fight. 

These workouts have been carefully crafted to enhance your ability to move seamlessly, ensuring that your hands and feet act in unison. 

While these exercises are primarily targeted at boxers, they can be advantageous for anyone striving to enhance their overall coordination and timing skills. 

By incorporating these routines into your training, you'll be better equipped to achieve that synchronized flow, drastically reducing your reaction time and increasing your chances of success in the ring.

6. Cardio and High Intensity

I understand that in the boxing ring, reaching the "red zone" with intense sprints can be a game-changer. 

These high-intensity sprint workouts have been meticulously structured to push your cardiovascular limits and help you perform at your peak during training and fights. 

While these exercises are primarily tailored for boxers, anyone seeking to boost their overall cardio fitness and experience the benefits of pushing their limits can benefit from these routines. 

By incorporating these high-intensity sprints into your training, you'll elevate your cardiovascular capacity and develop the stamina required to thrive during the most demanding moments in the ring.

7. Weight Loss

I recognize that weight management is a pivotal aspect of boxing, and maintaining an optimal weight class is crucial. 

The workouts provided here have been thoughtfully designed to help you burn fat, shed excess pounds, and achieve a more streamlined physique. 

While these exercises are primarily designed for boxers, anyone looking to embark on a journey toward a healthier, more toned body can benefit from these routines. 

By incorporating these workouts into your training regimen, you'll not only meet your weight management goals but also unveil a more chiseled and stronger version of yourself, 

Ready to step into the ring with confidence and poise.

8. Conditioning Lower Body

As boxing matches progress, maintaining agility and strength in your legs becomes paramount. 

These lower-body conditioning exercises have been expertly curated to enhance your endurance and fortify your lower body, helping you stay quick and explosive even in the late stages of a match. 

While these workouts are primarily designed for boxers, anyone looking to improve their lower-body strength and endurance can benefit from these routines. 

By incorporating these exercises into your training regimen, you'll equip yourself with the resilience needed to perform at your best when it matters most, securing an advantage in those crucial later rounds of a fight.

9. Workouts with a friend

I understand that friendly competition can be a powerful motivator. 

These workouts are designed not just for individual progress but for those who want to challenge and be challenged by their friends. 

By engaging in these exercises, you and your peers can push each other to new heights, fostering a supportive yet fiercely competitive environment that breeds excellence. 

This camaraderie and friendly rivalry can drive you to achieve your utmost potential, ensuring that you and your friends continue to inspire one another to reach new levels of success in your boxing journey.

10. Explosiveness

I recognize that in the world of boxing, power, and speed can make all the difference. 

These power-building workouts have been meticulously curated to enhance your explosiveness, enabling you to deliver swifter, more impactful blows during your fights. 

While these exercises are primarily designed for boxers, anyone seeking to boost their overall explosive power and strength can benefit from these routines. 

By incorporating these workouts into your training regimen, you'll gain the dynamism required to outpace and outpunch your opponents in the ring, 

Ultimately elevating your boxing prowess to new heights.


In conclusion, I am thrilled to present our new E-book,

 "20 Workouts That Every Fighter Must Use To Get Optimal Results Out Of Their Jump Rope." 

With workouts that are designed to target specific goals crucial to your success in the ring. 

It doesnt matter whether you're an absolute beginner looking to build confidence in skipping, or a seasoned pro striving for optimal performance, 

Our free guide is here to help you make the most of your jump rope workouts. 

But this guide is more than just workouts; 

It's a comprehensive strategy to elevate you on your boxing journey. 

So where can you find this invaluable resource? 

If you're already subscribed to our newsletter, you've likely received it in your inbox. 

If not, there's no need to worry – it's just a click away! 

Simply go to our home page and scroll to the bottom to sign up for our newsletter and receive your FREE copy the second it drops. 

Plus as a gesture of good faith, I'll even give you a 10% discount on your first order. 

So join the Boxrope community and start reaping the benefits of these specialized workouts today

By receiving all the knowledge you need to optimize your jump rope workouts in a way that is tailored to your individual goals


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