5 Best Switch Hitters In 2023

5. Jaron (Boots) Ennis

Jaron "Boots" Ennis

Jaron Ennis could only be 1 fight away from reaching number 1 on this list

With his evasive and fluid style coupled with a heart-pounding killer mindset, 

Ennis ignites the ring, sending shockwaves of excitement through the hearts of fans worldwide.

Not to mention, he already has a record of 31 victories, with an astounding 28 thunderous knockouts, and is yet to be beaten, 

This undoubtedly qualifies him for a world title shot 

And a world title shot is exactly what he needs to become the number 1 switch hitter in today's age of boxing

Because right now the only thing holding Ennis back is his opponents

As Ennis is yet to face a world-class fighter

So like a warrior, Ennis fearlessly calls out the number 1 fighter on this list

As he patiently waits for the fight that we all know he deserves. 

4. Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury | Boxing

The Gypsy King

A few years ago this absolute madman would have been at the peak of this list

But unfortunately, he is facing the most challenging opponent any and every fighter eventually has to face

Father Time

Granted he is only 34, meaning he still has a lot of time

Many believe that the king is beginning to slow down and isn’t the same fighter that he was when he shocked by beating the previously undefeated Wladimir Klitschko

Even though fighters usually last longer in the heavyweight division due to them being able to maintain their power even at the older ages

(Proof being George Foreman winning a world title at the age of 45)

I personally believe that the lifestyle and eating habits that allow Fury to carry those jiggly love handles

We're always going to take their toll on the already heavy 6’9 giant

Even though he may be slower than his previous self

He still has enough left in him to be the unified heavyweight champion of the world

Meaning he is still a fierce boxer and I'm sure he will prove it in his upcoming fight on the 28th of October

Against the former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou

3. Naoya Inoue

Naoya Inoue | P4P

Now this guy isn't a exactly heavyweight but his previous opponents would all agree that he certainly punches like one

And if you dont know who he is 

Then you certainly haven't been paying attention to boxing because Naoya Inoue has recently been making waves in the boxing community 

Nicknamed “The Monster” Naoya Inoue recently became the unified super bantamweight world champion after his effortless knockout against Sean Fulton

This was no surprise as Inoue was coming into the fight with his last 5 fights ending in a vicious knockout.

Inoue is also currently undefeated with a record of 25-0 (22 knockouts)

And the thing that makes this so unusual is the weight class that he is fighting in

Now this record would be considered extraordinary for any weight class but the fact that he only weighs 122 pounds really makes you question how he is able to generate such force

I can’t tell exactly how he is so powerful but I can say that I am excited to see how far up in weight he can go and how his power will compare to these heavier boxers.

But for now, he plans to next take on Marlon Tapalas for the other two belts in his division before moving up again in weight.

2. Vasiliy Lomachenko

Lomachenko | Best Footwork in the Game

Vasiliy Lomachenko is definitely a Hall of Famer in the sport of boxing 

As for his style, Vasily Lomachenko is considered by many to be the godfather of footwork

His aggressive style involving the ability to quickly change angles and dance around his opponent to that caliber was previously unseen in the sport of boxing

This led to his fans nicknaming this style “the matrix” or "Hi-Tech"

Due to him constantly dodging, slipping, and moving around the punches, like Neo avoids bullets in the movie “the matrix”

The funniest part is that he gained this incredible foot speed and balance through the Ukrainian ballet that he took part in as a child

This surprised the world as never before did anyone think that ballet and boxing would actually have a significant crossover

However, Lomachenko showed the world that there is a crossover and because of it 

He was able to win 2 Olympic gold medals and eventually became (P4P) champ for many years.

The Discovered Truth

Finally, in number 1, we have the man who recently shocked the world by becoming the first ever be to undisputed in 2 weight classes

He announced himself as the fisherman

Claiming he was going to catch the big fish

Then he proved himself and fried the big fish

By absolutely battering his great and previously undefeated opponent, Errol Spence Jr

Taking not just Spence’s titles but his claim to be “THE TRUTH” 

For the number 1 spot as not just the greatest switch hitter in 2023 but also the  greatest pound-for-pound in 2023


Terence Crawford | P4P | BoxRope

Terrance Crawford is undeniably the greatest switch-hitter in the current world of boxing

His unmatched talent and versatility in the ring have earned him this esteemed title. 

As the number 1 switch hitter and pound-for-pound boxer in 2023

Crawford's seamless transitions between orthodox and southpaw stances, often leave his opponents perplexed. 

Coupled with his exceptional hand speed, precision, and ring IQ further cements his status as the most dominant switch hitter of his time 

And in case you need proof of these claims,

Simply watch his most recent fight against the previously undefeated Errol Spence Jr

Fun fact, before that fight Errol Spence Jr was a world champion who had never even been dropped in his career

And despite all this, Crawford was able to shift between stances flawlessly, dictate the pace of the fight and secure a stunning knockout victory in the 9th round. 

This impressive victory not only showcases his dominance as a switch hitter but also establishes his place in boxing history as one of the sport's all-time greats.

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Stanley J Taylor August 14, 2023

Can y’all show the fights or clips where inoue/fury are switch hitting, besides taking a wide stance while someone is on the ropes and they’re throwing hooks? Genuinely curious, cause I missed it.

Rahul August 13, 2023

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