Mayweathers 5 Pillars Of "Becoming A Champion"

There’s a lot of information these days about motivation, mindset, and what it takes to become a champion.

But the funny thing is that half of the crap out there isn’t even written by champions.

So it’s all a bunch of feel-good nonsense that motivates you for a day before it’s all forgotten and you’re left with nothing

Thankfully this isn’t one of those posts because all of the information in here is taken directly from quotes said by Mayweather aka one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Now we do interpret it and provide you with the lessons that we have learned from these quotes but it all originates from the man who has actually made it to the top of his mountain.

So what are the 5 Pillars of “Becoming A Champion”?

1.Constantly Learning


“I want to have a style like Tommy Hearns, then I want to be a killer like Mike Tyson, and then when I took all those different champions, Chavez, Roberto Duran, and all these different champions I said I'm gonna take a little bit from all of them and put it all in one box and shake it up and see what we come up with”

“I’m not perfect but every day I try to become the best fighter that I can become”

“I strive to be a perfectionist every day, I work harder, no ones perfect but one thing I can say, I always find a way to win” 

“You have to have a certain charisma about yourself, a certain look about yourself, that pay-per-view attraction. 


Instead of choosing 1 fighter and trying to replicate the good and bad parts of their style. Why not look at all fighters and try to replicate the best parts of each style to create your own unique and optimized style of fighting?

No one will ever be perfect but if you chase perfection hard enough then you will at least become the closest person to ever reach it.

By constantly learning he was able to realize something that halts many fighters' careers. He realized that boxing is a business and just like any business, if you want a seat at the table then you need to make the owner money.

2. Self-Accountability


“I know talking doesnt win fights, I know trainers dont win fights, it comes down to the two competitors” 

“I’m always prepared physically, I'm always prepared mentally, we have a remarkable game plan, we have a remarkable team and I had a remarkable career.”

“I don’t fold under pressure, great athletes perform better under pressure”

“I don’t worry about no one else”

“I got to where I got to because my whole focus was Floyd Mayweather and his family”

“Money don’t make me, I make money”


Mayweather holds himself completely accountable for his own actions and outcomes. Yes, there will be factors that are out of his control but Mayweather prefers to look at how he lets those factors affect him and how he overcomes them.

He is responsible for preparing himself for each fight. At the end of the day, he is the one stepping into that ring so he needs to make sure he is ready both physically and mentally for each fight before his preparation time runs short.

Pressure/stress is not an excuse. He doesn’t let pressure affect him and claims that all great athletes are able to perform well under pressure.

Mayweather only worries about himself because that is the only person he is responsible for. He is also worried about his family but this applies outside the ring/training. Mayweather understands that no one else is going to fight those fights for him so who cares what they think about his methods?

Self-accountability works both ways so even though Mayweather holds himself accountable for the failure, he also takes credit for the success. He is the one who got to the top and he did it by only focusing on Mayweather.

Lastly, he states that even though he has money, he doesnt give it power. He still holds himself accountable for his actions and he doesn’t let the few extra zeros in his bank account dictate how he lives his life.

3. Relied On His Team


“My team don't get in there and go to war like I do but they go to war on the outside”

“I’m very tough on my team and I want my team to be the best they can be on the outside”


This is important because even though self-accountability is crucial, Mayweather also understands that he can’t do everything by himself and he needs his team in order to reach the highest pillars of success.

Just like Mayweather holds himself accountable, he also needs to hold his team accountable and make sure that everyone is putting in the work required to reach the top.



“When I was a child, I would come home and watch every legendary champion, every day”

“Every fighter has to feel like he is the best, if not then you are in the wrong sport” 

“I know my goal in life, I'm gonna retire the best fighter ever”

“If you think about losing then you gon lose”

“All I ever thought about was winning so that's all I know”

“It’s not for the money because I got enough money, it must be for the love of the sport”

“I was born a winner, I a die a winner”

“Going into a fight, I always have tunnel vision”

“I dont ever want to have that on my mind, that I didn't give 100%”


Mayweather understands that visualization is a key step in becoming successful because it allows you to picture and better understand exactly what success looks like. Once you have a clear picture, you can then outline the steps and actions needed to make that visual image a reality.

Mayweather applies this idea of visualizing success to become successful on all levels. From visualizing himself winning his next fight to visualizing himself winning his next belt, all the way to him visualizing himself retiring undefeated as a multi-division champion. Which he has done.

Lastly, Mayweather understands that the only thing more important than you visualizing yourself winning, is you not visualizing yourself losing. He knows the power of thoughts which is why he doesn’t even consider the idea of losing to be a relevant thought. You may think that the ‘thought of losing’ may not seem like a big deal while you’re preparing for a fight but once you are in the 10th round with all the pressure and mental demons attacking you. A simple thought like that could cause you to give in and lose the fight.

5.Continuous State Of Training


“The more you win, the more you should work harder” 

“I know if another guy is working 10 rounds on the bag then I gotta work 30 rounds on the bag”

“I always gotta outdo the person on my left and the person that’s on my right”

“I never get tired”

“Other fighters have a regiment, gotta schedule that not me, I run with timberlands on, with jeans on, t-shirt, whatever I got on, I run.”

“I would rather lay in my house, sit in the movie theatre, and watch movies but to be the best, you gotta work overtime”


Mayweather understood that once the money started coming in and he wouldn't be fighting to survive anymore, it would get a lot easier to give up on his dream and become complacent. That’s exactly why he kept his training regiment exactly the same and forced himself to continually do the hard things that would prevent him from becoming complacent.

Another thing Mayweather understood was the idea of momentum and competitiveness. He didn’t become competitive when it was time to fight. Mayweather was competitive in every single aspect of his training. He beat his partners in the number of rounds, in the distance he ran, and in every single little detail so that when fight day arrived, all he knew was how to win.

Lastly, Mayweather never used any excuse. It didn’t matter what he was wearing, doing, or thinking, when it was time to train, Mayweather trained. In fact, there are multiple stories of Mayweather running home from nightclubs, and parties and wearing things like Jeans, timberlands, and expensive shirts because he didn’t care. The only thing on his mind was his training.


So now you know the 5 pillars of becoming a champion. Is this enough to make you a world champion?


But it’s a great start and what matters more than your knowledge…

Is your ability to apply that knowledge in your future actions. So if you want to one day become a champion inside or outside the world of boxing then make sure to apply these principles in your daily actions.

But don’t take our word for it or even Mayweather because here is a quote from Mike Tyson about Mayweather and his mindset…

“This is what I dont like about him either, don’t matter what we say about him, it could be true but he is in that gym. He’s a rat. He can’t help it, that’s his heroin, the gym” - Mike Tyson

Now imagine if one day that's what Mike Tyson and other legends are saying about YOU.



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