Could Jake Paul Knockout ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson

Can Jake actually knock Tyson out???

Well, Mike Tyson has all the advantages except one. Mike is heavier and WAY more experienced but…

He is also older.

Not by 1, 2, or 10 years. Mike is older by 30 years and on fight day he will be 58 years old.

So Mike's engine has a lot more miles than Jake Pauls and as you know, the more miles you have on an engine, the more problems you're going to have with it. 

The biggest problem foreseeable problem with Mike is his endurance. 

Just like an old engine, he will still be able to perform at high revs but because of the wear and tear…

He isn’t going to be able to keep that intensity for very long and as the fight continues, fatigue is going to play a major part in his performance. 

In my opinion, this is the only way Jake Paul knocks out Mike Tyson. 

By simply surviving early rounds and letting Tyson wear himself out, then after 3-4 rounds, once he can see Tyson has started to deteriorate, Jake needs to come forward and apply pressure to the already drained Mike Tyson.

Can Jake Survive The Early Rounds - Will Mike Tyson Knock Jake Paul Out

Even though this fight has the potential to be the most heart-breaking ending in boxing history, 

It also has the potential to be the most fulfilling ending in boxing history…

Because we also have the potential of watching Jake Paul faceplant the canvas, 

And on top of that, all the young fans who missed the Tyson era would finally get to spectate a live knockout from the Legend himself.

But can Tyson actually knock out the problem child?

Well in the last paragraph, I said that Jake wins by “surviving early rounds and letting Tyson wear himself out”.

That only works if Jake can survive the early rounds because even though Mike might not have the endurance…

The power and speed are still there. 

Remember Mike Tyson isn’t really known for taking his fights past the 3rd round anyways.

On top of that, Jake Paul has only had 10 fights and out of those 10 only 3-4 have been competitive. The problem with that is Jake Paul hasn't had a chance to Iron out all of his bad habits(Dropping his hands, bringing his feet together, allowing opponents to step in, etc)

These bad habits are all things that Tyson can use to create an opportunity to put Jake out before his gas tank starts running empty. 

Now this is easier said than done BUT for the sake of boxing as a sport…

I hope it gets done.

Is This A Stupid Fight To Make?

Even though I just explained why this fight could be either the most fulfilling or heart-breaking fight in boxing history…

Everyone on the internet is still bagging Jake Paul for taking this fight.

They claim “It’s a lose-lose for Jake Paul” and “How dare you challenge Mike Tyson out of his prime”

But there are 2 problems with both these arguments

First is the fact that people see this as a legacy fight. This isn’t meant to be a legacy fight because after this fight is over, Jake Paul will still be a YouTuber and Mike Tyson will still be 6x world heavyweight champion.

This is an entertainment fight, a gimmick fight, so when people say it’s ‘stupid’ or ‘pointless’...

Yes, it is but everyone is still curious to see how the fight goes and that is the only reason why anyone is watching it…

Because they’re simply curious about the outcome(and they want to see Jake get knocked out).

The second problem with these arguments is that people can’t make up their minds about whether Jake is a fighter or a YouTuber. 

Whenever Jake gives himself an easy fight, everyone says he’s a fighter and if he wants a legacy then he shouldn’t be fighting these tomato cans or out-of-prime champions

But then he gives himself a challenging fight and everyone says he’s a YouTuber and he shouldn’t be jumping in the ring with these killers. 

Now whether you see Tyson as a killer or an out-of-prime champ…

You need to make up your mind and decide whether you treat Jake like a fighter or like a YouTuber,

Then let that decision shape your view about whether or not Jake should be fighting 58-year-old Mike Tyson.

Do We Actually Want This Fight?

So now you know the best way for Jake to win, the best way for Tyson to win and you know the public's perception of the fight.

But I want to know…

Do you actually want this fight?

If you clear your mind, ignore everyone else’s opinion and just ask yourself “Am I excited/nervous to watch Jake Paul fight the legend himself ‘Iron Mike Tyson”

Take a moment to answer that question truthfully and feel free to comment your answer below… 

Also, I would love to hear your own prediction on the fight and whether or not you want a full fight-style analysis of the 2 fighters. 



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