Boxings 10 Most Brutal Knockouts

We’ve all seen at least the highlights for Joshua vs. Ngannou and what a spectacle that was, especially if you're a Joshua fan.

If you haven’t seen it then Click Here to see the highlights on YouTube.

But anyway, after such a jaw-dropping performance over the weekend, I think it's fair to say that we’ve all caught a case of knockout fever.

So I decided to give you guys the cure by laying out the 10 most brutal and jaw-dropping knockout in boxing history with all the juicy backstories and context you need to get the most adrenaline out of each highlight.

After you have read the description, all you need to do is click on the bold headings and it will take you to the highlights of each fight on YouTube.

Fury vs. Wilder 3 (Oct 9, 2021)

This heavyweight thriller, dubbed "Once and For All," was potentially Wilders last chance of defeating his arch-nemesis Tyson Fury.

After drawing with Fury in their first fight and losing by TKO in the second fight, Wilder blamed the defeat on Fury allegedly cheating by having something in his glove. 

Wilder also made it clear that this time there would be no cheating and he intended to “collect another body”.

This fight went on to be one of the most entertaining fights I have ever seen with nonstop action and 5 knockdowns between the 2 warriors. 

This brutal war almost went the distance, until Fury snatched the victory with an 11th-round knockout.

Tank vs. Santa Cruz (Feb 20, 2021)

This clash between champions was a masterclass in firepower. 

Gervonta "Tank" Davis, a superstar in the making known for his lightning speed and precision, 

Took on the multiple division world champion known for his iron chin, Leo Santa Cruz. 

Many believed it was a war between an unstoppable object vs an immovable wall, however, in the 6th round, Gervonta landed a bulldozer uppercut that sent Cruz crashing to the canvas.

Gassiev vs. Shimell (May 15, 2021)

Lasting only 1 round, this fight was a main event on PBC’s toe-to-toe Tuesdays.

As usual, there was not much action for most of the first round, until the last 15 seconds when Gassiev lured Shimell into the corner and caught him with a left hook that could be heard by the cheapest and furthest seats in the theatre. 

This punch was so clean that the people outside the theatre probably heard it, in fact, I’m pretty sure the only person who didn't hear the punch…

Was Shimell.

Gatti vs. Gamache (Feb 26, 2000)

On this day the former 2 division world champion Joey Gamache faced off against former world champion Arturo Gatti.

Just of that sentence, it might seem like Gamache is the more esteemed fighter which may be true but…

Once you watch the video you will also see that Gatti is the much bigger man and in this case, size did matter. 

Ending in the second round, Gatti would hit Gamache with a combination that would change his life forever.

This knockout left Gamache with a brain injury that would hospitalize him for a week but retire him from boxing forever.

Mercer vs. Morrison (Oct 7, 1993)

Tommy Morrison aka the superstar from Rocky 5, was known to be a major prospect in the heavyweight division. 

Unfortunately, the time he spent out of the ring while the movie was being filmed took a toll on him and would lead to one of the worst knockouts in boxing history. 

Mercer managed to trap Morrison in the corner and land a devastating left hook that rattles Morrison's chin 

BUT, because Morrison was leaning against the ropes/corner he was still standing and this led to Mercer landing at least 8 power punchers on Morrison’s empty vessel.

Benny Paret vs. Emile Griffith 3 (March 24, 1962)

You’ve probably heard about this fight on Joe Rogan’s podcast where he speaks about the brutality and backstory of this vicious knockout. 

Essentially, leading up to the fight Paret was constantly teasing Griffith for being gay and referring to him as a “fairy” 

This infuriated Griffith and led to him releasing all of that frustration on Paret throughout their fight. 

Then in the 12th round, Griffith would rattle Paret with a punch that still left him standing but that was about all Paret could do, 

So Griffith jumped on the opportunity and hit Paret with a barrage of punches that would sadly lead to the death of Benny “The Kid” Paret.

Tyson vs. Frazier (Jan 23, 1974)

I firmly believe you cannot have the greatest knockout list without the legendary Iron Mike Tyson. 

In a battle of legendary last names, Mike Tyson was facing off against Joe Frazier, prodigy son Marvis Frazier. 

Unfortunately, Marvis didn’t pose the same threat as his father and wasn’t able to stand the wrath of Iron Mike Tyson.

Less than 20 seconds in Tyson would land a ferocious uppercut that would buckle both Frazier's knees while leaving him barely conscious.



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