Garcia Fooled The World - Including us!!!

We were wrong about Garcia

Before his fight against Devin Haney, we published a post outlining our predictions. In it, we stated…

Ryan Garcia has a puncher's chance at best.


Garcia not only won but dominated the entire fight, 

And after all of his antics on social media leading up to the fight. I think it’s fair to say…

He fooled us, he fooled the fans and most importantly he fooled…

Devin Haney.

So while everyone was counting Garcia out of this fight, Garcia himself was strategically giving himself the psychological edge to not just win, 

But dominate the entire fight.

The Fight

As you’ve seen on social media, Ryan Garcia managed to knock Haney down 3 times throughout the fight 

Plus what the highlights don’t show…

Is all the other times Garcia sparked Haney, with Haney managing to stay on his feet.

In fact, less than a minute into the first round, Garcia managed to wobble Haney, and when you watch the replay...

You can even see the shock in Haney's eyes after he absorbs all of Garcia’s power on his chin.

But how did Garcia manage to dominate a fight that he was almost guaranteed to lose?

Garcia Fooled The World

Garcia has fooled… 


Everyone who saw his antics on social media thought that Garcia was not in the right place to fight mentally. 

In fact, a lot of people had a genuine concern for Ryan, and some even speculated about him potentially having a mental breakdown mid-fight.

But with such a good acting performance leading up to the fight, is it possible that Garcia fooled Haney so he would underestimate him?


After the fight, Haney was interviewed, and he even admitted to underestimating Garcia.

He stated, “We trained for the left hook but I got in there and fell asleep on it and he caught me with it”.

As you can see Haney admitted that he didn’t expect Garcia to be a problem and definitely underestimated his performance.


But even with Haney underestimating Garcia…

Does he stand a chance in the rematch?

Haney is definitely the more skilled and disciplined boxer but after this fight, it’s also clear…

He’s got no power!

Ryan on the other hand has an abundance of speed and power which did have a major part in him winning this fight.

So if they fought again, would Haney be able to get around Ryan’s power, or would Ryan just overpower Haney again and potentially even knock him out?

I don’t know but I hope we get to find out.

Testament To Garcia And Haney

This part is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the post.

Love or hate either of the fighters, this needs to be said…

Garcia and Haney both deserve immense credit for their commitment to making fights happen.

We live in a world where boxing is getting outcompeted by sports like UFC, not because the UFC is better 

But because in the UFC…

The best always fight the best.

In boxing, we don’t always see that, and a lot of fighters are more concerned with making easy money than putting on the fights we all want to see.

This is not the case for Haney and Garcia.

Both of them are willing to fight whoever, whenever, and however, is needed to make the fight happen. 

So be sure to give them a lot of respect because not every champion consistently puts themselves on the line like these 2.


Although both fighters deserve respect and Haney still holds the belt because Garcia missed weight, 

Garcia is now a champion.

Big respect to Haney for showing true heart by going the distance after getting knocked down 3 times. 

But this time, he simply got outclassed and outsmarted by Ryan Garcia.

Either way, respect both fighters for making the fight happen and hopefully, we can see a competitive rematch in the near future.



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